Wednesday, March 03, 2010

We're Marrying Next Spring

Springing Into Action...

We're just 15 days away from spring beginning and with our decision to push the wedding back from the fall 2010 to the spring 2011, I'm antsy to get to planning! Luckily, there's spring inspiration all around and ideas are just flowing in!

I wanted to start by sharing an inspiration board I recently made on Style Me Pretty. You can see my other inspiration boards here. I've done quite a few, but I must admit, this one is my favorite. It's a perfect (almost) portrayal of what I have in mind for our big day, so please tell me what you think!! Please note the picture of the foyer with checkered flooring, a fireplace, and chandelier is an actual picture of our venue. 

The Benefits of Spring...

This isn't my first post about a spring wedding (you can see my others right here and on DCNearlyweds right here). Spring has appealed to me since I first started thinking about what kind of wedding I wanted to have (before the mister even proposed). I always liked the spring because it's long awaited and it's bright and fun. I also love butterflies and would love to incorporate them into our theme.

When we found our venue (see more about that right here), I secretly worried about our plans to have an outdoor ceremony, because of the rainy, unpredictable weather in the fall. I always felt that we'd be safer outdoors in the spring. Our venue has a really beautiful landscape too (see more pictures of our venue here). I mean, really, really beautiful. The ceremony is going to take place in a garden and there's a huge patio that's ideal for parties. I'm really excited that we are really going to be able to utilize the grounds now that we'll be marrying in the spring.

What time of year do you plan to get married?

Do you have any spring wedding ideas?


D. Marie said...

Your venue is beautiful! I love the outdoor space and the photo you included in the Style Me Pretty board. I love making those inspiration boards on there...I have a few on my blog too from a few months ago. We also pushed our wedding from Fall 09 to Spring 2010!! Yay for Spring! We're also including butterflies!! Our tall centerpieces will have branches in them with butterflies attached! Cant wait to see more...thanks for your wonderful comments about my hair trial! :)


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