Saturday, March 06, 2010

Getting Warmer

It's Been Busy...

I know that I didn't blog much this week. I'm sorry. And when I did, I wasn't on task or holding to my new approach. I'm sorry. We've just been really, really busy rearranging all of our fall wedding plans and making them work for the spring.

First on the list was calling our venue to inquire about available dates. We also had to talk with our parents and reconfigure our plan to move in together... All of which are long stories, which I do not feel inspired to share about on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Instead, I thought I'd start the weekend with a lovely spring inspiration board! I know, I know. I've made a lot of these. You love them too though, right? Well, with the weather warming up, my heart too is getting hot over a spring wedding. You just cannot just imagine the back flips taking place in my brain with new ideas and revisions to our old plans.

I know I said my last inspiration board (right here) was the closest I'd come to conveying my dream day, but that was before I made this one (see it bigger right here):

Going Green with Inspiration...

Have you ever heard someone talk about their inspiration or their muse? The moment they experienced or the thing they saw that made them say, "Ah ha! That's it! That's just what I had in mind!" Well, my moment came when I stumbled across these awesome invitations from Linzmarie Designs:


Aren't they cute? 

I took a deep breath when I saw them. I  can't explain it, but something came over me. I instantly thought of that great gospel song "oh happy day," and felt this was the perfect phrase to describe the excitement we'll have on our wedding day!

In all honesty, I'm not crazy about the shadow figures, but I do love the color (of course, because it's green) and the "oh happy day," heading. I'm not sure whether we will actually use these invitations, but they've served a great purpose in helping illustrate the above inspiration board, which is (definitely, I'm not lying this time) the perfect collage of how I hope our day will look.

We're Getting Closer....

So even though we're technically further away from the actual wedding than we've ever been, the fog and frustration I felt a few weeks ago about what we wanted is beginning to clear. It might be that I really wanted a spring wedding all along and that was the platform I needed to base everything else, I'm not sure, All I know is that ever since we decided to push back the date, I've felt a sense of clarity, a sense of calm.

I'm probably just really optimistic since we have an additional 6 months to plan and I'll more than likely loose my mind again here soon. For the time being though, I'm happy with where we stand. I don't feel as confused about what I want anymore. It's coming together. We're getting warmer (and so is the weather, woo hoo).

Did you experience a sense of clarity at any point during the planning process?

What was your wedding day muse?


Mrs T said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see you're a follower now too - so I've returned the favor.

Love your inspiration board. I think Oh Happy Day is the perfect sentiment for a wedding.


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