Monday, March 15, 2010

Invitations Are the Forefront

Pretty Paper...

Pushing our wedding back was really a blessing. Having been engaged for four months, I was way behind the buck. I started off strong making cards for my friends, asking them to be bridesmaids, but then I stopped. I haven't done anything towards our wedding since then, except of course, maintain this blog.

During my recent months of blogging, I've found that while it's great to research wedding web sites and blogs to collect ideas and inspriations, it doesn't bring anything to life in the "real world."

It's fun to throw DIY tutorials and pictures up on the blog, but the "blog world," isn't where my wedding is taking place, and the truth is we need to get started.

Well, we've done our research. That's the easy part. What's harder is making a decision on what we like, what he want, and get it or create it. It's the creative process. Something I know well from my years of writing experience. Problem is, I'm overwhelmed with inspiration. I'm so caught up in what everyone else is doing, I haven't left anytime to figure out what we're going to do. 

I decided to collect a little (just a little) inspiration for my most pressing project--invitations. I like these because they are bold, yet beautiful. I like the design, especially the swirlies along the edge of each piece and the cohesive look. They are a little too dark for our spring wedding though.

{Invitations by Melissa with Fully Designed on Etsy}
 {Photo credit: Katie Shagman via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

One thing I know for sure is that I want our save the dates and invitations (and programs and menus) to match. Call me crazy, but they have to match. The colors don't have to be exactly the same, but something has to be consistent throughout. I really like the set below, because they match, but they aren't too matchy.

{Invitations and Photos by Eskquisite Design via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

I also know that I really want something vintage and imperfect too. I want unique. Our design has to reflect our love for mixing thrifty, traditional, and timeless. We love art and we're easily inspired. We want a design that is going to show off our appreciation for antique, southern, and timeless, as well as contemporary and cool.

{Invitiations by Jessica Claire and Kari Dyas via Green Wedding Shoes}

I could fill this post with great invitations, let's face it. There's so much inspiration out there (one reason I can't get enough of Oh So Beautiful Paper blog), but could it be there's such thing as too much inspiration? In all honesty, I think I'm a bit intimitated. I can't think of my own design, because my mind is crowded with everyone else's great designs.

How did you decide on the design of your invitations?

I've decided I need to brainstorm. I'm making it a homework assignment to figure out our design, or at least give it some serious thought. To help, I thought I'd pull together some inspiration. I know. I know. Enough already with the inspiration, but really, I think this will help.

Remember me mentioning these (invitations below) as a muse for my spring inspriation board? If not, check out my post right here. Well, Aaron wasn't crazy about them. He liked the color and font, but he wasn't sold on the whole "oh happy day." He said we'd have to come up with our own sang. Again, a reminder that we're not going to get our invitations from inspiration.

{Invitations by Linzmarie Designs}

So I know that this entire posting is about how I need to tap into my creative side and stop gathering inspiration, but I just had to share one last set of invitations. I love them. No, really. I love them. In a sick sort of jealous way, I wish they were our invitations. They're perfect, I mean, the spring colors, all that green, and the romantic, DIY, beauty of them.

Why didn't I think of this?

Really, how could you not envy invitations like these? A part of me wishes I never would have crossed paths with them.This is exactly the type of thing I mentioned above. How can I compete?

{Photos and Invitations by Lillyella via iDIY}

Well, wish me luck on my big assigment to create some concrete ideas on what I want our invitations to look like. I'm going to try to come up with our design pretty much alone and without the help of the wonderful and flourishing wedding community online! I hope I have something for you guys to see and for me to begin working on very soon!  

Share your invitations! Whether you created them or bought them, share them here with the link to pictures.


dognbird said...

All of these options are lovely, full designs. Would be delighted to have either come in my mailbox! You're so right about getting started vs. reading blogs, I'm in the same boat!

D. Marie said...

I got our invitations from Michaels and printed them up at home. It was cheaper but it was a lot of work. But everyone loved them and couldnt believe that I put them together myself! I love all these that you posted and I fell in love with many online as well...but when it came down to cost and what was right for us I had to stop looking and dreaming! But I really loved ours and they were one of most beautiful ones I saw that you can make at home without having much DIY skills!

I posted the outside of it on my blog and need to put the rest up after our wedding! :) Good luck.

Mrs T said...

Those book invites are insane!

We made our own invites -

But if I had enough $$ I would have loved letterpress. Love the way it feels. So luxury!

Good luck with yours.


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