Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Colors Revisited (again)

Spring Colors are...



Orange and yellow, right?

Well, we definitely love green and pink. We're going to have a lot of green and pink, but I think we need more than that. At first we were going to have green, pink, and burgundy, which you see a little of in the pictures below, but that was before we decided to have a spring wedding.

What are good spring wedding colors?




{Photo credit: Caroline Tran via Junebug Weddings}


D. Marie said...

These colors are beautiful together...very vibrant and great for all Spring, Summer and Fall! I think it depends on your venue and the season. It helps to know the colors at your venue and the colors around it. We're near the river so I love that we are using blues and were adding yellow for accent which I love for Spring. Green and pink look so beautiful and fun together!

dognbird said...

Your selections are lovely, I'm all about pale yellow right now, and peach or coral. So excited it's spring!

buhdoop said...

I like that all green one. Thanks for stopping by today :)

Heather Lynne Vickery said...

I'd say yellow, yellow, yellow and MORE yellow ... Oh, with a little white and a touch of grass green ... So fresh and beautiful!!


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