Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tutu Meets Traditional

A few months ago, I entertained the idea of having our flower girl wear a tutu, like these:

While I'm sure my little sister, who is going to be the flower girl would love this, here she is:

I don't know that the look will fit in with the rest of the wedding party and our traditional wedding. It's really hard to say at this point since we don't have bridesmaid dresses picked out yet (heck, we don't even have my dress picked out yet), but I'm not sure the mothers and grandmothers will go for the idea.

I needed to find something that had the look and feel of a tutu, to appease my little sister and my desire for something unique, but that wasn't a full out costume. Then, I stumbled across these adorable outfits:

{Photo credit: Sweet Plume on Etsy via BonafideBride}

Aren't they cute? The perfect mix of tutu and traditional, right?

What is your flower girl wearing and how did you decide?


thehickbride said...

Oh my goodness... Those are such cute dresses! We're not having a flower girl, but if we were the second one you shown would be a definite contender! So cute!

amber said...

So I totally love the poofy dresses on little girls. It just makes them look super cute! I think the like flapper girl look of the first one is really cute. Its modern and not just a tutu (if thats even what that style is called). I like it and your sisters are going to look gorgeous up there anyway!

D. Marie said...

These are so sweet I love each one of them!! My MOH bought her daughters dress for about $20-$40...it was on sale at Boscovs!!! And its so beautiful...it has a beautiful bow on the back and the shoes are so cute!! I love flower girls!


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