Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mr. B was a real trooper when we went to New York for the Wedding Library's Wedding Party. When I won the tickets (from DIYBride, thanks again!!), he immediately started planning a romantic weekend getaway in the big apple, and here I thought he wouldn't want to go.

He was probably just as excited as I was when we first arrived at the New York Palace, because we were anxious to see what all the hype was about. After about an hour or two of walking from room to room, meeting various vendors, tasting various desserts, and talking about invitations, my poor guy started to get bored.

It was also getting very crowded with women on a mission, mind you, to hunt out all the potential wedding details there, and enter every contest and giveaway available. Poor Mr. B was a bit overwhelmed and well, ready to leave. Of course, I was no where near ready to go! Like the other brides there, I didn't want to miss a beat. But luckily for me, we ran into this guy (the one in the background of this picture):


Man to man, he must have saw the exhaustion and boredom on Mr. B's face and he called him over. The guy suggested he try on some of their suits. This company (I'm so, so sorry I don't remember their name) specializes in fun, hip, and unique suits for weddings. While we had pretty much (or so we thought) decided to have our men in tuxedos, Mr. B was intrigued by this guy's enthusasim. I suppose he was excited to have a bit of attention too, since up until this point it was, "oh bride this and that," and no love for the grooms.

It's a good thing too, because the few minutes Mr. B spent trying on suit jackets bought me about another hour in vendorville! Not just that, but Mr. B really liked their stuff and we quickly decided that tuxedos would be too stiff for our early afternoon wedding.

Did I mention brides were walking by saying, "He's cute," and "That looks good," left and right? I think if it were up to Mr. B, he would have stayed there for the rest of the day modeling!



What a cutie, right? Looking good, if I don't say so myself!

The reason we liked the tuxedo in the first place is because Mr. B liked the idea of something formal and he's really big on black. I am too, actually. I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash (aka the man in all black), which is what I told Mr. B he looked like the night we took the picture below, New Year's Eve at the Kennedy Center), but again, black might be too dark for our early afternoon wedding in early spring.

I'm a big fan of gray. It's a lot softer than black obviously and I think it's a good color for spring weddings. It's not as informal as a tan suit, but it's not as formal as a tuxedo. I think gray works well with pink and with green too (our colors). Not to mention, Mr. B really likes gray suits. He also wants something he's going to wear again and if he got a tuxedo, the opportunities he'd have to wear it after the wedding aren't many. Here are a few inspiration photos for our menswear file:


Tan isn't so bad either! I like tan. I think it's fitting for a spring wedding and it goes really well with our colors. It's just informal. I always see tan suits at beach weddings and the guys are wearing flipflops. That's not going to work for us! I still love this look though:


What kind of suit is your groom wearing?

Do you think certain colors are more fitting for spring weddings?


Anonymous said...

Okay so my bro does look pretty cute in all those pics!! Have you thought about powder blue or like a baby blue like one of the suit jackets that he tried on? I think the suit could like nice and being that it is a spring wedding now and not a fall wedding maybe a little less formal would be nice. However the only thing I dont like is the tan suit. While the man wearing it is very sexy to me I think the tan is a little casual. It is possible that it would look nice with the spring colors but I just think it looks very unformal. But just my opinion!! Oh and daddy would be proud of the great story you told too! This year at the storytelling festival you should try out one! LOL!!!

Miss Columbia Heights said...

Anonymous (or Amber, lol), I totally agree about the tan!


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