Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Times in 2009

 1. Aaron's Proposal:


2. The National Story Telling Festival:

3. Running a 5k:


4. Landing a New Job:


5. Beginning a Blog:

What were some good times you had in 2009?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Tan and White Wedding Gown

Ou la la...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Daily Reads

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Wedding Planning 2-0-1-0!

Post Holiday Plans...

I've been engaged for nearly 4 months now and I am yet to step foot into a David's Bridal or Bridal bouquet. Back in November, Aaron and I decided to set aside the wedding planning to focus on Christmas. Our family and friends (everyone practically) was going to be busy this holiday with buying presents, making New Year's Eve plans, and dealing with the snowy conditions. I didn't want to burden anyone with wedding talk.

First of the Year...

Christmas is over though and by the end of this week, it'll be 2010. Needless to say, it's time to get back to the wedding planning and move forward full speed. One of the first things I hope to do in 2010 is attend a bridal show in Richmond, VA, which is where I went to college. The Richmond Bridal Show and Wedding Expo is Sunday, January 10th and I think it's going to be a great event to kick off an exciting (and busy) year of planning.

During the first weekend of Feburary, there's a Watters Trunk Show in Richmond, VA, as well, that I would like to attend. WATTERS, maker of some very GOREGOUS gowns is my all-time favorite dress designer. I don't know if I'll find the dress at this trunk show, but again, this is another event I plan to attend to keep the wedding planning rolling.

To Do List

In the meantime, the most I can do is what I have been doing and that is compile my inspirational images and vent out my deepest desires and frustrations on this blog. I hope anyone who has been reading my blog (I know there's at least one or two of you out there, thank you so much) has enjoyed all that I've had to say.

My hope is that in 2010, I'll be blogging on other wedding blogs, like DCNearlyWeds (I start with them next week),  Wedding Bee (brides may only apply 8 months prior to their wedding and we're not there yet) and Style Me Pretty, which would be a stretch, but a DREAM COME TRUE. I'm applying today with my fingers crossed! All of which will hopefully bring some recognition to Olive Weddings.

I'd also to give Olive Weddings a facelift. I'd like the revamp the layout, so that it's easier to follow me. I also plan to figure out what's wrong with our comments section! I desperately need feedback, so fixing that is at the top of my list.

Ready, Set, Go!

Here are a few photos I fell upon on Polka Dot Bride yesterday. I love these bridesmaid dresses. I like the colors and the style (in both weddings). What do you think? Which style do you prefer? I really like both types of dresses -- the long and silky, as well as the tea length gown. Which colors do you prefer? I like the orange and burgundy, but I really like the campagne colors too.

I hope my girls are excited to start trying on stuff and making selections! I am rearing and ready to go! If you're a bridesmaid and reading this, which gown would you prefer?

{Photo credit: SugarLove Weddings via Polka Dot Bride}

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our First Christmas

Will be next year...

Unfortunately, Aaron and I will not be together this Christmas, but I am comforted by thoughts of all of our joint Christmases to come. I'm really, really, really looking forward to having our own apartment (right now we are living between his house in Williamsburg and my grandmother's house in Arlington), so that Christmas can be on our terms.

Of course, I am also anxious to decorate! Probably because my mother and grandmother were over-the-top decorators and somehow, I got that gene! I've inherited a lot of decorations from them too and I cannot wait to put them all up for our first Christmas together next year!

I've heard that it's difficult for married couples to split their time during the holiday between their families, but Aaron and I are ready for the challenge. We've discussed spending Christmas Eve with his family and spending Christmas Day visiting my Mom and Dad.  It will probably be a little hectic at first, but at least we'll be together.


{Photo credit: Southern Living}

{Photo credit: Hostess Blog}

{Photo Credit: Country Living}

{Photo Credit: Dream Homes Group}

{Photo credit: Southern Living}

{Photo credit: Country Living}

{Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens}

{Photo credit: Young House Love}

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy Weddings

The 2009 Blizzard:

On Saturday, December 19th, I woke up to a very snowy outdoors.Here is a picture of what my house looked like:

I happen to be away from home on Saturday, visiting a close friend in Richmond, VA. The snow was just as bad there (I took the photo below from her balcony) and we were watching the news all day. An interesting story caught my attention.


The show must go on:

The local news station made an on-air call to a Richmond bride-to-be. The woman, whose wedding was scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. amidst the blizzard, said everything was going according to plan. Believe it or not, most of her out-of-town guests had arrived before the snowfall, the catering company was on site at the venue, and a friend was making the cake. This bride didn't have a worry in the world! She said they were happy it snowed, because it was the first time one of their guests had ever seen snow (let alone, snow in these amounts)!

Blizzard + Wedding = Beautiful

This wasn't the first story I had heard of a blizzard wedding. Aaron's mom, Paulette had her wedding the day after a treacherous blizzard back in the 70s. At first, she was was really upset that it snowed and she thought that none of her guests would be able to make it. To her relief, the wedding was uninterrupted by the snow storm. She says it was actually a more beautiful wedding because of the snow. She says she'll never forget the icicles everywhere and the pure, white blanket of snow that surrounded the church.

Isn't there always a silver lining?

There is something magical about snow at Christmas. I don't know if it's the carols, the bright lights shining off of decorated houses, school and work cancellations, or being with family; whatever it is, I think there is a piece of us all that loves the snow and loves this time of year. I liken it to when I feel a cold sting through my boots. I remember that same feeling as a kid, but not caring--just wanting to make the most of the snow...

Like these brides:

{Photo credit: Mthree Studio Photography}

{Photo credit: Calla Evans Photography}

{Photo credit: Jane Lee Photography}


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