Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butterflies over Spring

The Date...

If you look back through my posts, you'll find that there's been a lot of discussion about when we should get married. We came up with a few possible dates and pretty much narrowed that list down to two choices, either October 24, 2010, or May 15, 2011. We've booked our venue (Oxon Hill Manor) for October 24, 2010, because October has been our first choice (it's sooner) and it also happen to be the only Sunday available that month.

We haven't completely ruled out May though. We have until April, I believe, to change the date with Oxon Hill Manor without penalty. Therefore, there is still time to change our minds and have a spring wedding if we want to.

During the fall, which is when Aaron proposed I was in love with the idea of getting married that time of year. We both really like that time of year, because of the crisp breeze in the air and the changing colors of the leaves. It rained a lot this past fall though and that made me nervous (we're having an outdoor ceremony). It was also really cold.

The Dilemma...

Not just that but the holidays were hectic. I know, I know. Aren't they always? It was pretty bad though and I felt like November and December zipped by a little too quickly. We're into the New Year and I can't help but wonder if we chose to get married in October, if I'll feel depleted (or bored) by next January. We will have experienced our wedding, our first Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Eve together as a married couple -- all in a matter of 3 months. Then what?

The other thing is that I've got a lot of ideas for a spring wedding. I'm a little stumped about the fall (in terms of a theme and our colors), whereas I'm expolding with ideas for spring. At first we were going to do a "Fall in Love," theme for our fall wedding, but I got tired of that idea quickly. I like "May'd for Each Other!" What do you think?

April Showers bring May Flowers:

Also, I like the warmth of spring. I could just be cold and sick of this weather, but there's a lot more than warm weather that excites me about spring -- tulips, pastels, the green trees, open-toed shoes and flip flops, knee-length dresses, and butterflies...

Yes oh yes!! Butterflies...

{Photo credit: Pink Cake Box}

Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with butterflies. My mom collected them and I've inherited most of waht she's gathered over the years -- mostly butterly pins. I have a lot of other butterfly stuff though -- everything from purses to candles to jewelery to wall decor. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons Aaron proposed in Jonesborough at the Story Telling Festival was because we were staying the "Butterfly Cottage." He knew I'd love it there and I did! Here's a little of my Butterflies over Spring inspriation:

{Photo credit: Martha Stewart}

{Photo credit: Aruna Seth}

{Photo credit: Everlasting Invites via Etsy}

{Photo credit: 5eizen via Etsy}

{Photo credit: Beautiful Paper}

{Photo credit: Squidoo}

{Photo credit: Whichgoose via Etsy}

{Photo credit: Nicky Grant}

What do you think? Is a butterfly theme tacky?

Are butterfly themes restricted to the spring?

Your comments are always welcome!


Nicole Martin said...

I think there are many creative ways that a butterfly theme can be tasteful and elegant without being the center of the show. However, I would definitely only utilize the theme in the spring and summer months.

amber.ellis said...

So I am not crazy about all the butterflies. I agree with Nicole that you could do it tastefully (like the butterflies on the invitations and napkins) but the boquet of butterflies and them all on the cake was a bit much for me. However i think you should choose the fall wedding because that is what you originally wanted and fall colors just seem so pretty to me. Yes May will be warm (that May'd for each other was tooo cute!) but it might be tooo hot and may is the month of thunderstorms. but its up to you girl!!

amber.ellis said...

And why do you have to approve every single comment that I make?!?!?!


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