Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, Busy & Balloons

Hello lovelies and happy Friday!

Oops. It's Thursday, but I'm off tomorrow so it's MY Friday! Woot woot!

I am sorry I have been M.I.A. lately.

There are SLEW of things going on at work and also with the wedding.

I will update all of you as soon as possible. Just know that even though I'm not blogging, I am working hard to make big wedding-related decisions this weekend. Tonight we're going to a tasting (we've narrowed our search down to three caterers), and tomorrow and Saturday I'll be wedding dress shopping!

I have a lot to share, but unfortunately there has been a "situation" with my job that has required my full attention. Can I ask that you please keep me in your prayers? I'm making a BIG transition. 

Oh... and I know a lot of people think balloons at weddings are lame, but personally, I love the idea.

What are your thoughts? 

These are our colors!


Frugalista said...

Balloons are cool and CHEAP! But I didn't consider it because I felt like it might be seen as just that. A cheap decoration. I do like balloons but it didn't seem right for my wedding. I guess it would just depend. That's just my opinion though!

Kristin said...

I love balloons, I saw a picture of a balloon aisle and was sold.

Good luck with whatever is happening at work, definitely praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Why lame? I think balloons are a fun and fantastic idea! And blow bubbles... I did that recently (cool photos on my blog) and it was so much fun! Following!

Lady Grey said...

Have fun with the dress shopping and tasting! I had such a great time at my tasting.

Hope the jub situation works out, I'm sending you good vibes!

D. Marie said...

Love the balloons and the colors...actually wish I had some balloons or an umbrella to hold in some pics!!

PS Ill be thinking of you and hoping that everything works out well with your job.

Cant wait to hear about the wedding dress shopping and taste testing! :) ♥


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