Friday, July 09, 2010

Must Haves: Garden Photos

The gardens at Oxon Hill are perfect for pictures.

Don't you think?

I always search online for real weddings at Oxon Hill and I recently stumbled across the photo above. I was immediately taken back by this gorgeous shot! I thought, "omg, we have to get a picture like this too!" It's sooo pretty and really shows off the pristine landscape surrounding the manor. I've talked about this area before here, here, and here.

Funny thing is, Aaron and I met this couple a few months ago! We met them at an open house tasting for Carribean Caterers. We were all at the same table and became fast friends once we figured out we were both Oxon Hill Manor couples. It's really kind of cool knowing the people in this picture and knowing their wedding turned out gorgeous.

See the rest of the photos here.

Image Credit: Heather Z Photography

Is there a particular place you plan to take pictures at your venue?


kristininjapan said...

Gorgeous garden! You're right- perfect! Man, I love your venue.

D. Marie said...

What a beautiful wedding, love all the bright colors. Blue and purple and the yellow all goes so well together. Your venue is beautiful. We had so many pictures in mind and we did get some that I really wanted but there were a few we forgot with all the things going def let your photographer know or write a list.

One cool shot I will be posting on my next was this tree that was twisted and low to the ground, I love the photos we took sitting on it! :) Happy Weekend!

Kellie Collis said...

So very elegant! I hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie x


Such a beautiful setting! You're so right :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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