Monday, July 12, 2010

The In-Laws

I talked last week about how much I love Aaron's family.

I've really gotten to know Aaron's parents and I couldn't be happier with the family I am marrying into. Aaron's parents have really gone out of their way to get to know me. We have been out to dinner numerous times. I've stayed at their house, we've watched movies together, and sat around the breakfast table. We've even celebrated birthdays and holidays, like thanksgiving together.

The last few years I have spent a lot of quality time with Aaron's family, but my family has not. My mom has only been around Aaron's parents a handful of times, and my dad and stepmom, Teresa have only met them 2 or 3 times, which includes our engagement party just a little over a month ago.

Thankfully our parents took it upon themselves to set a date to go to dinner.

Teresa and Aaron's mom, Paulette really hit it off at the engagment party and they talked about getting together again - just the parents - a few times before the wedding. I had no idea they would get together this soon after our party, but I'm really, really happy to report that the four of them (both sets of parents) had dinner this past Saturday!

Aaron and I were a bit afraid that the dads would not hit it off the way the moms did. Simply because our dads do not have a lot in common (as far as we could tell), and the few times they have been around each other previously, they didn't talk much. Aaron's dad asked me last weekend, when I was in Williamsburg for a few pointers about my dad. He said he thought there was a "wall up," and he wanted a few talking points to get past that. Needless to say, we were afraid that the different backgrounds and careers of our dads, would keep them from finding common ground.

Turns out our love for one another is enough of a common ground!

When we talked to Aaron's parents Sunday about dinner, they gushed about how nice it was. They said they had an excellent time. Aaron's mom said she opened up to my parents and even got emotional talking about how happy she that I am the woman her son is marrying (*tear*)! Yes, yes, I have an awesome mother-in-law! Not only that, but Aaron's dad talked about his discussion with my dad about the wedding. He detailed my dad's perspective on some things and it really sounded to us like they had finally hit it off! Yay!

My dad and Teresa described dinner the same way as Aaron's parents. They said they had a really, really nice time. Teresa talked a lot about how sweet Paulette is and she said they would be getting together again soon. My dad said he discussed the wedding budget and his plans to contibute with Aaron's parents. He said he felt they all had the same ideas about costs and that all of them wanted the very best for us.

This is big.

We are so extremely thankful that our parents got together. My family will feel more comfortable on our wedding day, knowing Aaron's parents and knowing that they are giving their daughter to a loving family. Aaron's family too, will feel good knowing the family and household if their new daughter-in-law.

We often think of marriage as the union of two people, which it is. However, it is also the bringing together of two families and two cultures. We're really happy our families care enough about us that they have made it a priority to get to know one another, and more than that, try to like one another.

Did your parents meet the parents of your future spouse?

How do your in-laws get along?


jacin said...

wow that is amazing and SO nice. what a relief for you, too!

kristininjapan said...

That is awesome! I can imagine how scary it is for the parents to meet. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure if my parents will ever meet my grooms. They are in England, mine are in America, and they are not coming to the wedding. His brothers ARE coming to the wedding...and my parents are wacky, so I'm nervoussssss!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

That's really sweet to hear that the parents are getting along so well.

LWoodsNY said...

That is so amazing that the parents took it upon themselves to get together. I'm very jealous! My fiance and I really really want our families to get together and take initiative to actually get to know each other. But we always have to be the go-betweens, the ones that plan something, the ones that say, "why don't you invite them?" I don't really for-see either parties ever being close and that upsets me. When my kids get engaged, I can assure you I will make every effort possible to do what your parents did by getting together.


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