Thursday, July 08, 2010

Love for Bouquets of Alike Flowers

Discovering My Style...

Ever since the first bridal show we attended, I learned that I am drawn to arrangements of the same types of flowers. It's not that I don't like mixing flowers, I love all types of flowers, but I really like the look of like flowers bunched together. It appeals to the organized, elegant bride in me. Isn't this beautiful?

I love this.

I also really like the idea of having each bridesmaid carry different bouquets of the same flowers (does that make sense?). I think the bridesmaids would appreciate being about to pick "her favorite flower," and get to take home a bouquet she loves. 

And this.

This is all just talk really.

I have not been to a florist's shop yet and therefore, all of this is subject to change. I wish I was going flower shopping today actually. I can't wait until we are close enough that we're ordering our flowers!!! That's going to be a wonderful thing to obsess over (rather than invitations - ugh - so over it at this point!).

I just hope that my taste (loving the look of like flowers together) will work in our favor cost-wise. I think I'm pretty lucky to be getting married early spring when a lot of lovely flowers are in bloom. Also, my favorite flower, tulips are going to be at their peak in April. Score! I hope we have lots and lots of tulips! 

I took these!

What kinds of flowers do you love?


Punctuation Mark said...

i love all of those bridesmaids with the same color flowers but all different kinds...

Faith said...

my absolute favorite is peonies! i love them. i love the picture of the bridesmaid with different types of flowers too!

jacin said...

peonies!! so sad they're out of season for my wedding :(

kristininjapan said...

I love, in the bouquet picture, the one on the far left. The one with the big, pink, fluffy peonies. That's what I want, but I'm doomed because of my fall wedding. I also love flowers are varying heights, like the first picture you posted!

D. Marie said...

I love that table arrangement and the high and low of each vase put together on one table...very elegant and classy. You have great taste! :) Love the pink and the gray with the bridesmaids.

Lady Grey said...

OMG I love that idea of every bridesmaid carrying a different bouquet made up of a single flower type.... absolutely STUNNING!


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