Monday, July 19, 2010

Cordless Mic and Cake Toppers

I created a must-have file for our wedding...

I look at so much wonderful inspirtation and read about a lot of ideas, and needed a way to sort through the stuff we like and we stuff we absolutely must have. I'm proud to say the must-have file is fairly small, as I feel it should be. We can't have everything and we really can't bother ourselves with a long, long list of important details - that would drive us mad.

One of the things in my file, although it may sound silly, is a cordless microphone.

As many of you know, we're having a garden ceremony outside and I can't stand the thought of a microphone cord obstructing the view of us and our backdrop. I hate to use pictures of a real wedding to show something I don't like, but in this case I felt it was fine since I truly love this wedding (especially the couple's cake), and since they will probably never read this blog.
Check out the officiant in the third picture down.

While I can totally appreciate her excitement, that cord has got to go!! Maybe the couple was able to photoshop her (or the mic) out of these pictures. That is what I would have wanted to do!! Am I being crazy guyz? I don't want to be a snobby bride! Maybe I'm being a little picky here.

Did you request a cordless mic?

So onto what I love about this wedding.

The couple's cake toppers.

I adore the simple elegance of these love birds.! I haven't even begun to think about what we want for our cake toppers, but this is going into the inspirtation file nevertheless. I hope we can find something as timeless and unique. Something like this would really compliment our garden theme too. I wonder if anyone has ever had butterfly toppers!  More on this later...

What's in your must-have file?

Have you thought about cake toppers yet?


Frugalista said...

We didn't request a cordless mic but it turns out that is what our loction offered. It was perfect and now that I see that pic with the cord I can see why it would actually matter so much. The mic was able to pic up all 3 of our voices and kept all of our hands free. Also, the CD player and all that stuff was housed in a cabinet just inside the building so the area was clear of any audio gadgets. As for cake toppers-it never even crossed my mind since I only think of the traditional bride and groom statue which no one does anymore. We just had a little flower atop ours.

Dancy said...

We're getting married in our church so my guess is that the priest will just have the standard mike on him.

I LOVE the little birdies. I bet you could find cute wooden ones and just spraypaint them or or stain them however you want. We ordered the bling'd out monogram letters cuz I got it from my bridal salon for super cheap.

Faith said...

now that you mention it ... i have no idea if we had a cordless mic ... hmm, i will have to check out some pictures to be sure.

kristininjapan said...

We wouldn't be real brides if we didn't start obsessing over the kooky things that really don't matter so much! Mine were chiavari chairs but I gave them up recently :(

Lady Grey said...

those cake toppers are absolutely adorable!!


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