Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beautiful Garden-Inspired Cakes

I've been really focused on my diet the past week and a half, but today I had a nagging sweet tooth. What started out as one piece of chocolate turned into three! So in honor of sweets, I thought I'd throw together a quick post of wedding cakes, garden-inspired of course!  

Favorite. Cake. Ever.

Traditional cakes with flowers on top make me happy too:

We can't forget about my butterfly obsession, either:

Simple, small cakes can be gorgeous too:

And, of course, more butterflies:

And, another one with a design painted on it. I love this style and sure hope Mr. B does too.

I'll probably be carrying a picture of this one and the first one to our baker with hopes of a similiar design.

We haven't started shopping for a cake yet, but believe me, I'm anxious to begin. I think we have plenty of time to pick something. Hopefully I can keep my diet in check until then, so that I can enjoy the tastings guilt-free!

When did you start cake shopping?

Did or will your cake have a theme?


Kristin said...

Ooooo! I love that last cake! It's so pretty.

Faith said...

i love the 3rd cake!

p.s. i had a crazy sweet tooth today too!

nicoliolihpf said...

Woa, those are so awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl I love the butterflies on the cakes! They look very cute! I really like the cake where they trickle down the side of the cake...that could look really pretty and you could like get them to spell out your initals or something...super cute!


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