Monday, July 19, 2010

A Vibrant Vintage Chic Wedding

I absolutely love this wedding I spotted over at Wedding Chicks a few weeks ago. The bride is! The colors are vibrant and the feel is totally chic and vintage, what more could a bride ask for?

I'm inspired, needless to say that our wedding will look as fabulous! Check out the bridesmaids attire, I think their look is my favorite thus far!!! I heart the junior bridesmaid in a different color! It pops! She must have special so special too! I never would have thought of that, but it's worth considering, seeing how awesome the bridal party pictures look.

I'm definitely loving, let me emphasis... LOVING this color scheme too. How would of thought turqoise and pink? Only a bold bride with an eye for style, right?

Wait, wait! I lied. My favorite detail is definitely the escort card display! Those green apples are after my heart! Favorite color alert! Green anything is beautiful in my eyes... 


Faith said...

such a gorgeous wedding! everytime i see wedding pictures i think of all the amazing things i should have done! ahhh.


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