Friday, August 06, 2010

Oh, how I've missed you! Updates Gallore!


How long has it been? A week or so, huh? Gosh, it felt like an eternity!

Let me explain. I haven't just been neglecting this blog, I've been disconnected from the world for a few days... I visited my mom in the boonies on Monday after word of an unexpected 2 weeks off from work! Wooot wooot! Every bride-to-be's dream, no? Well, the plan is to definitely get a lot done this next week. This past week was all about relaxing and spending some QT with Momdukes. I surprised her. It was wonderful. She had no idea I was off work or coming to her house or anything. It was awesome. We spent ALL day literally from 11am - 4pm trying on wedding dresses Tuesday (lots to share on that front!) and spent most of our other time together either cruising thrift stores or hanging in front of the TV eating home-cooked meals and drinking cheap wine. Like I said, it was awesome!!

I actually need to catch you up on what I was doing before my little road trip to Shenandoah! I was off last Friday and yes, there was lots of fabulous wedding stuff going down! Thursday night Aaron and I went to another tasting. It was our second and a very good experience. We got to see our wedding planner...

Oops! I just let the cat out of the bag, didn't I?? WE HAVE A WEDDING PLANNER and she is G-R-E-A-T!!!! I have so much that I want to share on this subject like the process of finding and hiring her, but that's for another day. I've actually been working on two GIGANTIC posts about the our search for the perfect caterer and the planner, so stay tuned!

The tasting really set the tone for my weekend, because Friday I had a date with my most very special  ever friends in the world to dress shop :-) My MOH and I started the morning off totally pumped about the day literally for an hour in Body Pump @ Golds. She's been telling me about the class non-stop and I was glad to finally experience it. We live too far a part to belong to the same gym :( but I'll definitely go again one weekend. It was intense and trust me, I felt ripped on the way to try on dresses! Then we ate a power breakfast and headed to meet my Double Trouble BMs. We started right in at Leesburg Bridal and pulled DOZENS of dresses off the racks...

It was a really exciting time. I was in HE.AV.EN! I lllooovvvveee my friends and I felt soooo special that they took off work to spend the day focusing on MY wedding! How cool is that? It totally got me hype about the wedding and all the fun we're going to have leading up to it. I always really took to the photos of weddings when there was only one BM or MOH, thinking to myself, "wow! it's so edited! so intimate," but truth be told: that would never be me! I need my girls! I love spending time with them and WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE PICTURES of them trying on BM dresses. The fun we were having is soo obvious. I'm talking good times. We even found a Sandra Dee dress! Any other Grease fans out there? It was such a good laugh!

The reason we all went shopping together and my girls were even available was because my plan had been to attend Filene's Basement Running of the Brides event... Ever heard of it? It's literally Running of the Brides. I really wanted to go because it just looked like so much fun and wild good times in the videos I had seen of previous years. However, I decided against it at the very last minute. No, I'm not a whimp! I am a total runner, and a bride! It's just that I'm not good at making quick decisions. I can't make a decision with my mom and best friend by my side, let alone thousands of screaming running brides. In hindsight, I'm totally glad we opted out of the occasion. It would have been fun, but our day was a better kind of fun. It was relaxing. My girls got to connect and we went to lunch afterward. It was just perfect. I also heard the Running of the Brides was a little sssccaarrryyy.

Check it out for yourself:

The moral of the story here is that while we did a lot of great stuff this weekend towards our wedding,  no real decisions have been made yet. I think we've learned wedding food is just that. Some of it's really good and some of it tastes like dog food (I'm not kidding!). I also know I love LOTS of wedding dresses and have no clue how I'll settle on just one for myself. At first I loved the ball gown, then I loved the backless, then I loved the pickups, and then I loved the mermaid style...

Sigh. I'll find something! I swear I will. And I won't whine the whole way there (not to you guys anyway), like I've done about the invitations.

Yeah, no luck on that front either...

Anyway! In order to keep this positive since the weekend was such a positive one, I'm gonna end this here. I have A LOT on the way. Being off work is definitely not gonna help my wedding obsession so be on the lookout!

Of course, I have to leave you with some of the great stuff I came across scouring the blogs today after a week away.

My colors and my flowers... Soo pretty!

Check out that giraffe in the background... Phenomenal!



engagement shoot...

 Tell me this couple is not adorable!

Can our inclimate weather plan and reception please look like this?

I'm think this collage settles the debate on the chiavari vs. banquet chairs. Don't you?

I know I'm probably really late here, but nobody told me Jenna Bush had a custom-made cross at her wedding. Does anyone remember me talking about wanting this? It's exactly what we want!

Thanks for stopping by <3


Kristin said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. I'm excited to see all the dresses you tried on. And hey, you can never have to many food tastings. Anything to get it right, right? Even if that means you have to try it AAAAAALL ;P That's so cool about the planner too. Glad to have you back!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm so glad you were able to spend time with your mom and get some wedding things done! It's always fun to have some extra time to do things like that :) Very nice you have secured your planner! I think they're a must :)

Have a great weekend!

Lady Grey said...

Aw, soooo much fun! I feel so excited for you!

oh and that wedding photo with the giraffe is unbelievable!!

D. Marie said...

What a fun, busy week and weekend you had!! I love it! So glad you had a great time with your mom and your girls. It is such a great feeling having the right girls with you while trying on dresses...memories to last forever!

LOl that you call her sisters call my mom that somtimes! CUTE!

You are the opposite of us...we tried one place for food which was also our venue and the only venue we looked at and I tried one shop for dresses! Though sometimes after the one shop I kept thinking, "Should I have shopped more?" But I loved my dress and you will find the one for everything! :) It def takes time and it all means so much so its great that you're going through all the choices.

Love that engagement cute!


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