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25 Random Facts + I Got An Award! Woo!

I love my blogger buddies...

One of my favorite blogs (ever), Beer Budget Bride's Musings just did a really cool post titled "25 Random Facts," and I got a huge kick out of it! It's fun to learn a little something about the people writing our favorite blogs. It's not like we ever get to see them or talk to them directly so seeing their picture and reading about them is pretty cool, if you ask me.

1. In college, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. Awful, I know.

2. I'm a workout whore. I love running and lifting weights, and I go to personal training twice a week.

3. My fiance is my height. No, that's a lie. He's probably a little shorter than me. Truth is, I love him anyway and think he's perfect!

4. I secretly (really, really) wish I was one of those go-against-the-grain artsy types of chicks with lots of tatoos and a rebel attitude.

5. I listen to country music and used to go line dancing with my mom.

6. I had actually never, ever thought about what kind of wedding I wanted until my fiance told me to start thinking about it, which was a little over a year ago.

7. Okay this is really gross, but I love you so much I'm going to tell you anyway - sometimes I pick my nose! Bahaha! Seriously it's way faster and more effective than going for a tissue. Sorry. Yeah, I might go back and erase this one.

8. On a more serious note, I really want to write a novel. A best-selling novel. I feel like I'm supposed to write a book, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

9. I also really want my book to turn into a movie (wishful thinking, huh?). It could happen, right? One of my favorite books, Eat, Pray, Love is going to be on big screens soon.

10. I love my yorkshire terrier, Rocky, but I don't walk him often enough or give him treats, play with him, or rub his belly as much as I should.

11. My grandmother nicknamed me motormouth when I was young and it's seriously so true. I could talk for hhhooouurrrsss.

12. I'm really frustrated with our wedding plans. I hate to say that because I sound like such a sad, sulky bride, but I have so many ideas and yet I'm not doing anything. I have this fear it's going to be a really lame wedding :(

13. When I was a little girl my dream was to travel the world. I'm 25 and yet to leave Virginia. I've done some traveling around the States, but I've never left the country. I think I'll DIE if I don't get moving soon.

14.  I'm one of those people that writes a to do list all the time and there's never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

15. My mom lives in a little cottage in the country and I love it there. I wish I could live with her.

16. My hair has been all sorts of colors and styles. In all of the photos of Aaron and I over the years, I look like a different person! Here's a picture from when my hair was short and blonde. I can't wait for the PWC (post wedding chop!)

17. I'm a die-hard fan of the music artists Kelly Clarkson and Pink.

18. Even though we're spending nearly $20,000 (don't shoot me, please) on our wedding, I definitely have a hard time justifying it. All the brokeass brides are right. It's only one day.

19. My parents are split and even though it's been a tough thing to deal with, I wouldn't trade my two little step sisters for anything in the world. They are the cutest children EVER.

20. It's really hard for me to sit still and do nothing, but I absolutely love to watch movies with my fiance.

21. My favorite television programs are 48 Hours Mystery and Snapped.

22. My weight watchers screenname was addictedtogreasensugar, and I've always thought that was so perfectly fitting.

23. Most of my friends don't read my blog, but I love them anyway.

24. My wedding ring is perfect. My fiance has immaculate taste.

25. I want to run a marathon.

Hopefully you've enjoyed that little peak into my life the same I enjoyed learning more about the Beer Budget Bride! I'm sooo totally overwhelmed and excited to share that she's given me a cool new award below:

She seriously made my day with this!!!!

I am so thankful for her following and all her (and yours) awesome comments!! I'm glad that there's a few people that enjoy reading Olive Weddings, since it is my little pride and joy!! It's amazing that more people I don't know read this blog than folks I do know, like friends and family. I think it just goes to show the blogging (and especially the wedding blog) community is really there for each other.


I'm so glad to be a part of it all! Thank you, Dancy!!!

Please note that this award was created by JEM at Aquabride and the she says: the only rule is now you pass it on. It doesn't matter to how many people.

Therefore, I'm going to pass it onto my co-worker and blogger friend, Mark over at Running With Blue Sponge. He has some really awesome Random Facts. He went so far as to do installment posts, with an extra (false) fact, which readers had to guess!

I also would like to award D. Marie at The World Around Her for being such an awesome blogger pal! I see her on all of the bride-to-be blogs leaving her two cents! She must know how much we all love comments. She just posted her own 25 Random Facts, be sure to check em out! One of which is that she just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book - I'm dying to know how it was!!

Thanks again, Dancy!


Dancy said...

HA! Love your answers.
- Ummm, can you come live in NY so you can drag my @$$ off the couch & make me workout?
- LMAO @ #7!
- Chatting for hours is my superpower. I don't even have to be drunk to do it. Hence the blog. ;)
- #12 -

Frugalista said...

Thanks for sharing your things about you. I too feel like I'm supposed to write a book. I just don't know how yet! And I like it how you say flat out that you are spending 20k AND that you can't justify it. Sometimes that's just how it is right? I'm spending about 1/2 but that was the right thing for ME!

D. Marie said...

aww!! You are so sweet!! I love Kelly Clarkson and Pink too!! Pink rocks...loved her ever since her first video with the pink hair came out! PS I love Mariah Carey...not the now her but the old 90s her...but her voice is still beautiful.

Committed was a great read and a great book to follow up Eat, Pray, Love...we cant wait to see the movie. They were both great books to read together and to read before and after getting married!

LOL love the one about you wanting to be a rebel with tattoos! Do you have an tats? I have three on my upper back. Small ones!

Its so nice getting to know all the bloggers a little bit more! ♥

Thanks again SweetHeart!

PS Your wedding is going to be amazing! I felt the same way and wasnt the little girl dreaming of a wedding either. Our budget was about the same. Remember to do what you like and what feels right for both of you and it will come together. I know it feels like a struggle at times...but it does eventually come together and it will be a great day!

D. Marie said...

PS I have an award that I posted a few days back that I dont think anyone saw!! It has your name on it!! Because you are such a sweet blogger!

Truly Engaging said...

You are so sweet Sara! Thanks for sharing... and a book huh? What would you write about?

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Love your random facts and thanks for the shout out.

Faith said...

p.s. i loved your random facts! hahaha, too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice random facts! I came over from Dancy's website. Wow, lots of people are getting married! I am too. And my fiance is 1" taller than me, in heels I almost am taller :) check out my blog if you get the chance Have a wonderful day!

Mark said...

You are so sweet to give me an award! I'd like to thank the members of the academy, and all the little people out there that voted for me. I laughed hardest at the "fact" that said you love to run... lol.


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