Monday, July 05, 2010

My Honey Is Sweet

I love spending time with Aaron's family...

Like many other Saturday mornings I've spent in Williamsburg, Aaron, his family, and me started off with a lovely breakfast. It's sort of a tradition of theirs to have breakfast together (there are four of them, Aaron, his mom, dad, and sister), and I have really come to enjoy it.

I never did anything like this with my family. We always ate our meals in front of the TV and it was rare if all of us sat around and talked. Aaron's family, on the other hand, always spends this time together, catching up, and sharing about different things.

I know a lot of people don't enjoy their in-laws, so I consider myself lucky. They are so supportive of each other and it's really refreshing. I really enjoy watching them interact, and talking with them, I feel so comfortable and at peace. I care a lot about Aaron's family, they are truly unique, and I realize this more and more. I found myself truly enjoying them this weekend and it might sound cheesy, but being around them I feel at home. It feels like they are my family too.

His extended family is great too...

Sunday morning we didn't have breakfast, but we went to church and then to Aaron's grandmother's house, which is another family tradition. I absolutely love Aaron's grandparents! They are so sweet and always so glad to see me (to see us, I should say). A few of Aaron's distant relatives were in town so I met a bunch of family I had never met before, and everyone was really nice!! During all the visiting, I really felt blessed to be marrying into such a wonderful family.

It would be enough that Aaron's sister, Amber and I are really close or that his parents liked me, but it's so much more than that. Aaron's family has been so supportive of us and welcoming of me. There's a lot of love in his hometown and I told him this weekend that I really loved it down there. I feel like we spend more time with his family than we do mine (to a certain extent), but I really don't mind. I enjoy being with his people and I really, really look forward to more occasions like we had this past weekend.

And I love when it's just Aaron and I too...

If you think we did the family thing the entire weekend, guess again. I told you Friday that our anniversary is the fourth of July and Aaron, being the sweet guy that he is was sure to set aside some alone time this weekend to relish in our 4 (or is it 5?) years together. He really out did himself too! Last year we had an awesome view of the fireworks on Duke of Gloster street in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg and I had no idea how he would top that this year, but he did!!

He took me to this wonderful bistro that is located in heart of Colonial Williamsburg. The food was amazing, but what made it so special was that we had an amazing view of the fireworks - unobstructed - from our table, and boy, was it romantic!!! The resturant dimmed the lights when the fireworks started and I couldn't believe our view!! I was really excited and I felt so touched. I felt so lucky that Aaron went out of his way (and not because I told him too because I didn't mention anything about our anniversary and plans for the fireworks) to set this all up.

He even timed our reservation so that we were finishing up eating when the fireworks started! He's soo good!!!

We picked up an ice cream cone from baskin robins afterward and let me tell ya, I was in heaven!! I had fallen in love with Aaron all over again and I just couldn't resist sharing our special time with you. Of course we did a few other fun things this weekend, but our anniversary dinner and view of fireworks stole the show.

What did you do for the fourth?

Does your guy do awesome and romantic things to commorate when you met? Share them!!


kristininjapan said...

Awww! It's sweet that your fiance pulled out all the stops to make your anniversary so special. I think, once we are engaged, we forget all about going on dates, trying hard to be romantic, etc. Your 4th sounded so special! We are still abroad but I can't wait to celebrate next year!

Lady Grey said...

Oh that is such a sweet post!
Your happiness is radiant, and very contagious. I love it!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, sounded like you had a great time! That's so wonderful you get along well with his family! So important!

My fiance is very sentimental and makes sure anniversaries and birthday's are extra special. He makes all of my cards and always has little surprises for me. He's the greatest :)

Frugalista said...

Sounds wonderful! Very sweet guy you got there. And it's great that you enjoy his family so much.

amber.ellis said...

Its nice that you can get along with his family because sometimes that doesn't really happen. I know many couples who have broken up because their families just dont mesh so you are definitely blessed to have the best of both worlds....2 families you get to enjoy family time with!


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