Monday, November 09, 2009

My Future Sister-in-Law

Meet Amber aka My Future Sister-in-Law

I am thrilled to present to you... Amber (Aaron's sister). Let me start by saying, I am so thankful that this girl is going to be by my side from now until I get married (and thereafter actually)!

Amber and I met in Panama City Beach, FL (of all places!) Well, that's not true. We technically we met in Richmond, VA, and we spent our first few hours together in the car driving to FL! What a way to get to know somebody, huh? Well, Amber and I clicked instantly (I like to think) and after a week in FL together (with Michelle and another mutual friend), we returned to VA thick as thieves. We haven't stopped hanging out and talking since then, which was uhhh, more than 4 years ago now!

It's really no wonder Amber and I get along so well--believe it or not, we have the same birthday! We were both born on September 14th, but Amber was born a year before me. We're both Virgos (obviously, if we were born on the same day) and we both love to talk! We have "powwows," every few months, which is where get together at each other's houses or at a restaurant and just talk (sometimes for hours). We're both what we like to call "emotional creatures," and I think we have a mutual appreciation for each other.

I love Amber because she's real! She is upfront and honest, but also very thoughtful and genuine. She's got a big heart and she's a people person. Amber’s got a great sense of humor, a thunderous laugh, and she's a blast to be around. Amber is an optimist. She loves movies and her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. You can count on her to tell you the blatant truth, cheer you up if you're down, or chime in with clarity in the midst of confusion.

It's truly a blessing to know Amber. We have more in common than we like to admit (ha ha) and I truly consider her a "sister," which is totally ironic since she's actually going to be my sister here soon! Amber is always available to talk on the phone or through email and I know I'll be bouncing a lot of ideas off of her.

It's because of Amber that Aaron and I know each other and that, my friends, means a lot! Amber is a family person and for good reason, she's got an amazing family! I can't wait for you to see and hear a lot more about our adventures together. It's just a shame you may never meet her! I couldn't (and wouldn't) get married without her by my side, without her support, without her confidence. There's a lot more I could say, but I've got to end it here so that I can show you the AMAZING venue she introduced me to (in my next post).

In the meantime, browse through these pictures of Amber opening her "Will you be my bridesmaid bag. " I think she liked her stuff!Just a card and tee shirt weren't enough. I had to surprise her with a picture frame.I was so glad that she didn't freak out when she saw what it said...

I had to surprise her with a picture frame.
I was so glad she didn't freak out when she saw it said...
I love this face! This picture is proof that she liked her tee shirt!
Bridesmaid aka "His Sis"
There's much, much, much more to come of Amber! Be on the lookout! Thanks again girl for following my blog!! We have to figure out why you can't comment on the posts! Love ya!



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