Friday, November 20, 2009

Our E-Session

Round One of Our Engagement Shots

Another reason why I haven't had a chance to post a lot this week is because Aaron and I were off taking our engagement pictures! We traveled to Williamsburg, VA, which is Aaron's hometown, to meet with a photographer, who also happens to be a good friend of the family. We thought that since our photo session wasn't until 3pm, we'd have all day to relax and get ready. Aaron and I aren't really camera people and both of us shy away from pictures. We spent a lot of time anticipating the session and we thought scheduling them later in the day would give us ample time to prepare. Boy, were we wrong!

We slept later than we planned, didn't have a good breakfast, were late to my makeup appointment, and eventually, ran 45 minutes late to our session. It was hell, let me tell ya!

Getting my makeup done was a lot of fun though! Even Aaron enjoyed watching the transformation. The problem was that 1. the makeup artist is another good friend of the family and we spent a lot of time visiting, goofing around, getting lunch, and 2. my eyes kept watering, which meant a lot of airbrush touch ups. In retrospect (as much as I loved getting my makeup done and as much as I love the final result--it looked fabulous), I don't think I'll get it done for the next round of engagement pictures. Not only did it seriously cut into our time, it also resulted in our pictures having a much more dramatic look than I really like. Don't get me wrong, I like the pictures (I've only seen six), but in most of the e-sessions I have seen, the women have a more natural look.

Anyway, because we ran so late on the makeup, I had no time to do my hair. Again, in retrospect, I would have put my hair in rollers or something while I was getting my makeup done. We also lost a lot of sunlight, which limited our pictures a lot. Thankfully, our photographer, Kelly Mihalcoe is amazing and did some cool things with her flash.

We love, love, love the chess board shot of my engagement ring! We also love the pictures of us sitting on the ground. The background on those is perfect! It's exactly what we wanted. It fully captures our favorite time of year, which is the fall and Williamsburg is just so pretty! Can you believe we were less than a mile from where Aaron's parents live? We were also just a hop, skip, and jump away from where John Smith settled in Jamestown! Yes!! Where John Rolfe met Pocahontas. Kind of romantic, ay?

One last note about our pictures... for some reason (maybe I'm not the most confident woman in the world), I really don't like the "sexy, serious, look!" I like the pictures that we're smiling at each other, kissing, or looking at the camera smiling. With that said, I'm a bit mortified at the picture (on Kelly's blog and not here) of Aaron and I on the water. Kelly told us to put on our James Bond look! She said look sexy, look GQ, and unfortunately for me (not Aaron, because he looks GREAT), I just look really mean!

There are some out there that say they like this shot, but personally, I hate it. I love Kelly's vision. I love our outfits and the background, but just not my facial expression. Sigh! It's a bit frustrating, but I'm coping. I have felt a little sad here and there looking at other e-sessions and thinking ours didn't get turn out the way I had imagined. I honestly have no right or reason to feel sad though. At least not at this point, because we haven't even seen the proofs!!

There's more to come about our pictures. Hopefully a really happy post about all the great ones we are yet to see. In the meantime, feel free to see a sneak peak of our engagement shots on Kelly's blog or look here at my favorites so far:

Very cool Kelly! Thank you so, so, so much!! We can't wait to see the rest!



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