Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Fall Wedding Outdoors





{Photo credit: Mathieu Photography Blog}

Searching the blogs last week, I stumbled upon this amazing real wedding. Obviously, an outdoor wedding in the fall excites me! Ever since we decided to have an outdoor ceremony, I've had quite a time overcoming my fear of a wet and cold day pushing our outdoor wedding plans indoors! That's why I love to see successful fall weddings outside!

Another reason this real wedding inspires me is because of the colors and the ceremony decor! I love the simple flowers on the white chairs, minimal flower petals (or leaves, I can't tell which) down the aisle, and the awesome arch! I know a lot of people probably don't think a wooden archway is as nice as say, a white archway, but I love this look. I love it because it's earthy and fitting for the fall.

Even though this bride and groom appear a little goth, for lack of a better word, I love their style. It's dark, but their flowers and the autumn leaves brighten everything up. I love their flowers! I'm not a big fan of the longer, bigger bridal bouquets, but there is something about this brides bouquet that I just love! I think it's the wildness of it! That and the colors!

I also like this brides hair! Of course, it may be because I want my hair as long as hers or it could be the fall leave pin. I love that! How unique and creative! I love the burgundy on the groom as well. Overall, I'm attracted to the simplicity of this wedding! It's simple, but elegant, which is what we've said we wanted since day one!

What are your thoughts?



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