Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Backyard Weddings

A Beautiful Backyard Wedding in Richmond, VA

So I've been thinking that a simple backyard wedding might be the way to go. Aaron's grandparents (on his mother's side) have a beautiful home in Yorktown, VA, that would be the perfect spot to host an outdoor soiree.

We would save a ton of money on venue cost and I think it would mean a lot to Aaron to have it there. We could take the money that would go towards a venue (anywhere from $2000-$5000) and put it toward fun extras and details... Stuff like a dessert table, photo booth, lots of flowers, and an awesome photographer.

We could also have the wedding anytime we wanted since there house is available all the time. We'd definitely be "comfortable," there and we could invite everyone since we'd have a lot more money for catering...

Take a look at this charming backyard wedding that took place not too far from Yorktown in Richmond, VA...

All photos from Young House Love. Check out the House Tour on thier website also. They've done some amazing remodoling to their home! Hey, they probably took the money that would have been spent on a big fancy wedding and threw it in there!



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