Monday, November 02, 2009

More Venues

I think we're getting closer to picking a venue, although it doesn't always feel that way! I'm still very overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and to make matters worse, we're not straight on location anymore either (we've been discussing the possibility of having the wedding in Williamsburg, Richmond, or Fredrickburg, VA).

The good news is that we've ruled out a few venues from my last post on venues. However, we've discovered quite a few more options since then. Here are a few new places we're now considering for a wedding in the DC/Maryland area.
Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA

Josephine Butler Parks Center in downtown Washington, DC

(Photos via Washington Parks)

The Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, MD
(Photo credit: Bay Beach Club)
This is going to be the toughest decision we have to make. I really just hope that when we see the place, we know! We know deep in our heart, this is it!



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