Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Love Sequoia

A Very Real Possibility...

Finally! We found a place we like, that we think is reasonably priced, and suites our style! Sequoia, in Georgetown, is a waterfront restaurant, with views of the Kennedy Center, Memorial Bridge, Key Bridge, and Virginia skyline. We visited them this morning and met with Michelle, the Events Coordinator and were truly impressed with the place.

Just as we expected, Sequia does not charge a rental fee for the space. There is, however, a minimum that must be spend (in food purchases) for either 1. The entire restaurant or 2. The State Room.

Renting the entire restaurant on a Saturday evening (which is when Aaron and I plan to have our reception) is very pricey, obviously. It could be worth every dime to some couples, but for us, the space is more than we need.

Don’t get me wrong, the layout of the restaurant is spectacular with a second floor loft and bar, main dining room, wrap-around terraces, floor to ceiling windows, and everything a bride-to-be could imagine! Although, I know would enjoy that much space, it seats more than 200 people and we would like to keep our guest list to a maximum of 80 to 100. I will say, the space comes with one serious perk--a bridal suite at the Ritz Carlton is included! Sweet! We know!!

Since we want to have a more intimate reception (and spend less money), we spent most of our time scooping out the State Room. At the entrance to the restaurant is a stairway and to get to the State Room, you’d hang left at the top of the stairs and walk down a secluded hallway. The State Room is carpeted, but titled around the bar area. The bar is the focal point of the room, but there are still large windows, an awesome view, and a private terrace. From anywhere in the room, you could see the whole room. I’m not quite sure if it’s big enough, but Aaron seems to think it’s the perfect size.

We really liked the wedding package and menu options at Sequoia as well. Going with the smaller room, we'd be able to spend more money on the food and their menu looks decedent! We'd have hoer derv's and a 4 course meal, including an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert.

Here are a few pictures of the place (not the best pictures), including a few of of the State Room. I have a feeling that Aaron and I will be referring back to them often. I imagine if we don't see anything we like as much as Sequoia, we'll make another trip there very soon for dinner (with family and friends to solicit opinions).

Thoughts? Please share!

I forgot to mention that a 20 percent discount is offered for the Ritz Carlton with a State Room rental! It’s not a bridal suite, but hey, it’s something! OH and we loved the fountain right outside the place (a great spot for post-wedding pictures)!

The State Room Entrance The tan curtains seperate the State Room from the Main Dining Room Looking up to the second floor from the Main Dining Room Looking down to the Main Dining Room from the second floor



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