Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A River Farm Wedding

Simple, but elegant!!

I love this wedding! I know I say that a lot, but this wedding, I really, really love! I stumbled across it on--none other than, Style Me Pretty, labeled the Shabby Super-Chic Wedding, photographed by the very talented and much acclaimed Love Life Images.

First of all, Jennifer's blog with Love Life Images is full of gorgeous photos!

I've shown Aaron the pictures of this wedding almost a dozen times. We agree 1. the photography is excellent and 2. the wedding is a lot like what we'd like what we want. There are just so many things that we like about it!

1. The wedding reception takes place at River Farm in Alexandria, VA, which is a beautiful venue.

2. I really like the different bridesmaid dresses (in shades of one color). I was introduced to this idea through these pictures and now, I love this idea.

3. I'm a olive green girl (duh)! and well, the china used at this wedding just so happens to have an olive-sort-of-green border. It's gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I've read about a few brides buying up thrift store china and using it at their wedding and again, I love this idea.

4. The photo of the bride in front of that green door!! I hope there's a green door nearby wherever we have our wedding!!

5. The bouquets!! I love the natural, but stunning bouquets. I love all the colors of this wedding

6. The kid's table is something Aaron and I definitely plan to have.

7. Her shoes and that dress (Vera Wang, btw)! HELLO!

8. That veil is very nice. Just like this wedding, it's not flashy, but it's flawless!

9. The place cards! Gotta love that calligraphy!

10. The whole wedding is SIMPLE, but ELEGANT!

Without a doubt, I gathered a multitude of ideas from this wedding, which is why I love it so much! I highly recommend that you skip over to Style Me Pretty, right here, here, and here to check out the entire thing! It may inspire you too!

Gotta love all that green!

I love light pink! Great shot! Bravo Love Life Images! Modern, unique, and cohesive! Don't you just love the wild flowers and the veil? My colors!!! My colors again!! Simple, but elegant! Very creative and useful! (Photo credit: Jennifer at Love Life Images via Style Me Pretty)



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