Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Shareta: A Bridesmaid Diva

Three down, two more to go...

Before I tell you about Shareta (bridesmaid no. 3), let me just say how excited I am to be rallying my best friends. I love this! Who thought of bridesmaids anyway? The idea is genius! It’s only been a month since I got engaged and I can already say, I wouldn’t be enjoying this process as much if it weren’t for these gals.

Last night, Shareta and I got together for what she thought was just dinner. I brought lots of photo albums from our years together in High School and we laughed reminiscing about everything from bad boyfriends to bad parties to embarrassing moments. I had a blast and deep in my heart, I knew I was getting ready to add a very special element to this very important time in my life.

After revealing all the hilarious pictures I had of Shareta and I, I told her there was a method to my madness--I was giving her my favorite picture of us. A picture I have cherished over the years. A picture that gets me smiling and chuckling every time I see it.

Despite her confusion as to why I was giving her this picture, she smiled and proceeded to read the attached card. As Shareta read the card aloud, her eyes teared up! This hadn’t happened before and I was moved beyond myself! I started tearing up and it's a moment I will never forget. She was truly honored and I was truly touched!

Shareta and I have known each other since sophomore year in High School. We took classes together, went to parties together, ate lunch together, and everything else you can think of that good friends do together. When we graduated, it was a bittersweet split as I moved to Richmond, VA, to attend VCU and Shareta moved into DC to attend Howard. Thinking back, I remember how thrilled she was when she was accepted.

Throughout college we visited each other. We’d get together when we were both in our hometown. We always kept in touch, primarily through Facebook despite the miles between us. Not too long after graduation, we picked up communications more often and now, we're talking all the time. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of each other, either for birthday celebrations or reunion dinners and it's awesome being friends as long as we have. It's the type of friendship where you pick up right were you left off. You know what I mean, the best type!

My favorite quality about Shareta is that she’s hilarious. She’s a riot! No seriously, she’s so funny that your cheeks hurt hanging out with her because you’ve been smiling and/or laughing the entire time. She’s very honest and very real, but also really friendly, easy going, and polite. She’s got so much class and I admire her style. She comes from a loving family and has always been very responsible. Not only is she beautiful, she is very intellectual! She’s has a great job, but she’s always reaching higher and aiming for better.

It’s no secret that I have a lot of confidence in her. I’ve said on plenty of time--Rihanna better watch out cause Shareta's day is quickly approaching! Her name will be in big lights before long. She’s got a voice, a stage presence, and a role model’s appeal. She’s uniquely talented.

The picture I gave her (the picture I love) is one of us the morning after prom. I swear she has never seen it before (until now) and she loved it! We laughed until we cried over this picture! It’s so funny because we’ve got that “I’m tired, I need a shower, and I’m hungover,” look! Of course, she also got a tee shirt! She’s the bridesmaid asking “Are you sure?” Although, she swears she’d never ask that, the shirt fits her personality perfectly because she’s independent and deliberate. Qualities, a learn-as-you-go person like me can only imitate!

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be leaning on Shareta a lot. For one, I expect her to be the one cracking jokes the morning of my wedding day to loosen me up. I expect her honest opinion, which I know I’ll get, but sugarcoated if I’m sensitive about something (which I know I’ll also get). I expect her to be herself--the friend I know and love.

Without further ado, please meet my very good friend, Shareta:
"Um, why are you giving me a gift?" She loved the wrapping paper! Can you tell?

Please note that Shareta’s gift was wrapped in decorative music paper. This is because Shareta, a Howard University graduate, is a singer. She’s a lovely singer. She’s got soul, rasp, and attitude in her melodies. We often joke about going into business together, her as the musician and me as the songwriter (one day)!

"OMG!! Look at this picture!! No way!!"
"Okay, I'll admit it. That was a us. Partying like rock stars!"
She's going to match up that brown and gold! Watch and you'll see!

I love you Shareta and thanking you for always being there! We're going to have a lot of fun this year. I can't wait!!



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