Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sequoia in Georgetown

The Simple, yet Stunning Sequoia

The search for a reception venue is well underway. We're scheduled to see Top of the Town in Arlington and Sequoia in Georgetown this week, as well as Stone Mansion in Alexandria this weekend. We've looked at the Hendry House in Arlington and at the Hauser Estate Winery in Biglerville, PA. There are still a lot of places we'd like to see, but we do have jobs and other obligations outside of venue hunting (unfortunately)!

In the meantime, the list of possibilities continues to grow. We're now considering renting out a restaurant and moving away from our original hope of having a rustic and quaint reception site. We're considering restaurants now because they are package deals. We won't have to rent a tent, chairs, tables, silverware, and would not have to go through a third-party caterer. In the case of Sequoia, we'd be located in a very scenic part of DC, which fulfills our desire to incorporate nature.

Sequoia, a restaurant on the Washington Harbor, is well known to many that have lived in the district or frequented this area. Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think!

(Photo credit: Wish Special Events)
Of course, no search would be complete without a few "real wedding" photos:
This couple rented out the entire restaurant and had there ceremony there:
I love this terrace, especially at night (look at the shiny trees):
(Photo credit: Moshe Zusman Photography)

(Photo credit: BKtheDJ.com)
I have a feeling that we are going to love the food and the layout, but that they are going to be expensive. One way we may be able to incorporate this place into the wedding (if it's too expensive to have our reception here) is to host our rehearsal dinner here. I think we're getting closer! Until next time!



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