Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shades of Bridesmaids

Mismatched Dresses

I haven't decided whether I want my all of my bridesmaids to wear the same dress or have them wear dresses that are shades of one color. If I run into a particular dress that I adore, they might all wear that dress!

However, in the event I don't find one dress, I may have them wear different dresses of the same shade. I've always imagined the dresses would be green (my favorite color is green), but I've seen bridesmaids in shades of yellow, pink, and gray.

Either way, I need to have pictures of this new trend to show my girls. A lot of them haven't heard of bridesmaids wearing different dresses and a lot of them have never seen it either. Also, I know for a fact at least one them thinks it's flat out tacky (It's OK! I'm not offended)!
If the shoes were the same, this would work for me:

I like, except for I wish they were both long dresses:
Not my colors at all:

Very, very stylish: SugarLove Weddings via Polka Dot Bride

I really like this group:Todd Pellowe Weddings via Project Wedding

If we decide to do this, I think there are a few "rules," we need to apply so that we can still have a cohesive look. I think not having laid these guidelines is what went wrong in a few of the above wedding parties.

1. The dresses will all be the same length.

2. We won’t stray too far from the base color.

3. We don’t need to match necklines.

4. We should consider matching fabric type.

5. It is not okay to mix florals with solids and with patterns. Let's stick to solids.

6. Shoes have to match. This will bring the entire ensemble together!
What are your bridesmaids wearing?



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