Friday, February 26, 2010


Good news and bad news...

The bad news is: We're not getting married in October. Don't worry though, we're still getting married!

The good news is: We're getting married in the spring of 2011 and we have confirmation (whew) that my dad will be contributing to the budget. 

Many of you may not have known this, but the wedding date and budget have been sore subjects for quite sometime now. Aaron and me wanted to get married about a year after his proposal in October (see here and here), but my dad -- being from the old school and all -- thought we needed to give our engagement more time. Meanwhile, he was also staying mute about his part in the budget.

So I know that we said October 24, 2010, and we weren't lying. That would be when we got married if it were up to just us, but that wasn't really a date without my dad's approval. It was more of a hope or a plan. I suppose that's what couples in love who are anxious to get married do, right?

So in a nutshell that means (whether you noticed or not), we've been planning a wedding, with little knowledge of the type of wedding we're going to have (fall or spring, big or small). Well, you can just imagine the stress we were going through not knowing when or how we'd pull this off. I will admit Aaron's been a lot calmer and patient than me. I've been pulling my hair out, crying, and throwing fits, because I wanted to know when and what kind. I wanted my dad to say, "This would make us happy..." and he really wasn't saying much at all. Call me a daddy's girl if you want, but it just means a lot to me that everyone is as happy and confident as I am that I'm getting married.

So now. Well, now it feels real. It feels new again. It feels like a fresh start. Believe me, I won't be getting much sleep tonight. The creative side of my brain is literally freaking out because we're going from a fall wedding to a spring one and it's like planning a totally different day. The logical side of my brain is freaking out a little bit too because now all the calanders, the discussions with vendors, the to do lists and the dates we set for things like the bridal show all actually mean something. We've finally got some butter to put on our bread.

 Everyone's backing us now and I'm so thrilled.

1. I'm really really happy that we don't have to debate the date anymore. 2. I'm super giddy that this time next year I'll be marrying Aaron! Ahh! Yay!!3. I'm relieved that my dad is ready to commit this. It's hard to explain, but my mom said it best... "This is a transition from being with the first man you ever loved to being with the man that you're in love with."

Did your parents help you set your wedding date?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, great to know you have a date! We similarly booked one date but then had to move the date/venue (everything) because we were moving out of the country.

So nice that your dad is helping with the costs! We didn't take parental contributions but came out just fine.


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