Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anthropologie Dresses

The Dress for Any Occasion...

Lime Juice Dress {$138}

Drifting By Dress {$168}

Rising Vapor Dress {$198}

These dresses are a lot different than the bridesmaid dresses we've been considering from David's Bridal. David's bridal gowns (while they cost about the same) are much more formal than these dresses and I'm not sure which style I prefer.

I always thought the bridesmaids should be in long dresses, since my dress will be long, but I think there's something fun and flirty about a knee-length dress. I really like the trendy feel of these dresses. They've got cool textures, patterns, and colors. I want my girls to be comfortable and I want them to get a lot for their money...

Would you rather pay for an Anthropologie dress that you can wear more than once or a David's Bridal gown you'll probably be ready to ditch aftr the wedding?

The answer seems pretty obvious to me.

Also, how important is length? When is it appropraite to wear a short dress -- only during the summer or does it even matter?



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