Sunday, February 07, 2010

Starting Our Save the Dates

Pretty early on, we knew we wanted to use our engagement pictures for our Save the Dates. We're really happy with the amazing artwork that our photographer did and since we already paid for them, we figured it was a cost effective way to utilize the photographs.

Mama Brooch suggested using more than one of our photos for the Save the Dates, because we have a lot (we actually have more than 700 pictures, but that's a different post for a different day!!!). She suggested we send the pictures we feel are appropriate for the recepient, instead of sending everyone the same thing. This way we're making the most of our awesome variety!

Last night we started sorting through our pictures and picking the ones we'd like to send to my family, his family, and our friends. I was so thrilled that we were finally starting this project that I began playing around on the computer with the photos. You can see below my start to our Save the Dates (a total rough draft!), which I don't think are too bad for a first-time-diy bride like myself, eh? There's a lot still left to do with these, but at least we've got the ball rolling! Hooray!

For his family:

 For our friends:


 For my family:


So I realize there are a lot of mistakes on these, but rest assured they will be perfect when they're finished! This is just the start! Something wonky was going on with the program I was using. I actually thought the designing part would be a lot easier than it is. 

Even though they don't look bad, we've got a long way to go. I want them to look more professional like the Save the Dates below with a nicer font and layout for the text, but there's time. If I can't improve my designs (the ones above are not going to work obviously!), I might just order them!


How did you design your Save the Dates?

Did you DIY or order them online?


Anonymous said...

so I dont know whats wrong with my google account but I will just be anonymous for now!! (its amber by the way!!)

So I love the save the dates you have picked out!! I think its cute to send different pictures to different sets of people but what about having a collage of pics that you send to everyone?? I think they are all super cute though and I really like the one you want to send to your family. That is a beautiful picture and with the wall right there it makes a perfect place for the words. No need to do professional cuz I like what you did! (however you did it!!)


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