Tuesday, February 09, 2010


To Light Our Path...

During the snowstorm, my mom and I compiled a list of items we're going to need to decorate our venue. Oxon Hill Manor is a very large place with really big rooms to fill, which became more and more apparent as we added up the number of centerpieces, candles, and other things we'll need.

One of the items we're going to need a lot of is lanterns. We want to line the outdoors with lanterns, all along the patio and down the steps, but in order to do this we will need nearly 50 lanterns, just for the outdoors! 

{Unknown source}

The pictures we took when we visited Oxon Hill Manor proved to be very helpful during this process. We were able to look closely at each space, each room and estimate the number of decorating supplies we'd need.

{Pictures by me}

These are the types of lanterns we have in mind. We like the rustic look, becuase I think it will match up to the wrought iron that's in the house very well. It will also be perfect for the time of year, fall that we're planning to have the wedding.

{Unknown source}

{Photo credit: Rajee Sood Blog}

{Photo credit: Weddingbee}

What kind of outdoor decorations are you planning to have at your wedding?

Have you considered the amount you'll need for the space you'll be in? 



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