Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wannabe a Weddingbee best place for brides around.

I know I've said Style Me Pretty (SMP) is my favorite wedding website of all time and it's true, I do love SMP. In my opinion (no offense to all the other awesome blogs and websites out there), there's really no other place online you can go and find as many beautiful real weddings. SMP has more than one stunning real wedding featured everyday and I'm not kidding when I say stunning either!

However, there's another cyber place I love where you can go and find something reliable everyday as well... not a real wedding, but real wedding planners. SMP is the place I go to see weddings, not talk about them. If you want to talk weddings, the real deal about weddings -- not just the flowers and fufu -- you go to Weddingbee (WB).

There's loads and loads of great feedback and "real" wedding stuff on WB. You've got brides talking about their image, their flowers, their shoes, a classifieds section (hello! That's really cool and very useful), boards, bios, and galleries!! Everyday bride stuff. The nitty gritty.

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To be honest, I've sat and read WB posts for hours whether it was on the way home from work while I'm on the bus, on the metro on my way to the club (I'm not kidding), or at work taking a (ahem) break... IT never fails, every time I go, I'm intrigued by the real stories, the real concerns, the real of it. I always leave feeling like I've learned something.

It's kind of like when I go to SMP and think, "I want my wedding to be beautiful." When go to WB, I think, "Give it to me straight," or "I want to hear from a bride like me."

The coolest part is feeling supported.

See, most of my friends are single and while they're really happy for me and my soon-to-be, they're not into weddings yet. I'll be the first of my click to get married and so for most of my friends this is a new experience, a dry run. It's not like I don't have amazing friends, because I do, but they aren't interested in talking weddings all day everyday.  

They don't understand the planning that goes into making invitations and save the dates, or the obsession that occurs about details like flowers and place settings -- no offense to them, but it's something only brides can understand.

I go to WB to read the planning, the execution, and aftermath of weddings. The good, the bad, and unfortunately the ugly. It's just a real website with a lot of real information and well, that's what I wanted this blog to be. A place where other brides (or at least one other bride) would come to be inspired and really care about my journey to the aisle. One bride to another, you know what I mean...

So here's the thing, you have to apply to be a bee! I know you guys (my friends) are thinking, wait, you have to apply? Well, yes, duh! If you knew the website like I did, you'd understand. It takes a lot to be a bee. Recounting your every wedding thought and movement, being honest and upfront about all the wedding everythings you're going through, and writing it all out and caring about your readers, your commenters.

It's not a task to be taken lightly.

Like with many things in life, if it doesn't happen, I suppose it wasn't meant to be. Nevertheless, it's a honorable and courageous undertaking, I must commit myself to. And there are always the bees that did make it in, there to support me and offer guidance, which is the real treasure about this site... So wish me luck and say your prayers... hopefully I'll be considered.


Sharon said...

Just happened upon your new blog Sara -- some nice thoughts -- best of luck in your pursuits! Mostly though, with your marriage ... -- come by and visit -- think you would like my book ...


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