Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding Dress Envy

(Ahem... Aaron)

I'm in love... again!

With backless wedding gowns! This isn't the first time I've talked about liking this type of wedding dress. If you recall, last December I couldn't get this dress (right here) out of my brain. I was seeing it in magazines everywhere and when I found this real wedding, I was smitten!

My taste for backless has changed a bit since December. I'm really into a crisscross back now. I love the thought of our wedding guests stunned at the originality and sleekness of a crisscross back when I walk past them down the aisle. It'll be the ahh to the ouu of my moment in the spotlight! I get chills just thinking about it!

Here's an example of the crisscross back:

I love it in pictures, but how will it look on me?

I've never tried on this type of gown and I have no idea how it will look on me. We've all heard stories of brides who thought they knew what type of gown they wanted, but drastically changed their style when they tried on a few dresses. This has already been the case for me, because when I went looking I didn't like anythign I thought I would! I thought I wanted something casual and simple, but I loved being in poufy-princess dresses with regal diamonds and designs! I'm not sure if that's really my wedding style or whether it was part of the glam of trying on a wedding gown for the first time.

When I window shop my taste is much different...

When I'm looking online and in magazines, I like A-line dresses with lace and thin straps. I don't like flashy, blingy, or poufy stuff, but again, this is when I'm looking online, not in real life!

So my love affair with these backless beauties is still young, being that I have not had a chance to try on this type of dress. Nevertheless, I'll be drooling over this gown until I get my hands on it and see if it's the one for me!

So here it is, the wedding dress I envy... in all its glory:

You haven't had enough, have you? Me either! 

Here's the dress (or at least one that is very similiar) again. I can only hope to look as great as this bride on my wedding day. She rocked it! Tell me this isn't one of the most fabulous bridal shoots you've ever seen!!


If you thought that was a great bridal shoot, check out the wedding! This wedding, which I discovered on Style Me Pretty is fun and fabulous! The gown totally fit the flirty feel of this couple and their wedding!!  

So my goal is to try this dress on. I don't care how many dresses I try on before or after this gown, I vow not to buy my dress until I've at least tried this dress on. Problem is, I have no idea where to find it. I did some searching though and found out...

Dun dun donna...


Now I just have to figure out where to go to try it on! I'll keep you posted!!

Did you fall in love with a wedding gown online or in a magazine?

Was it the gown you ended up buying?  


Faith said...

OMG!!! Those gowns are absolutely stunning! I am in LOVE!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful gowns! I love backless gowns too! So romantic and pretty!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh my gosh. I want this first dress. I want to change my mind and get this dress instead! Way to go lady! Haha you have me wanting to change my mind with 3.5 months to go here!! You will look drop dead gorg in that dress. When is the big DAY!? xo

Dancy said...

Gorgeous! I love the detail in the bust. I found out by process of elimination that I loved one designer - everytime a consultant pulled out a dress, I'd go "Oooooh" and it was an Alvina Valenta. Makes it easier to narrow it down. ;)

Lady Grey said...

The dress is STUNNING! I love the back, I love the lace.... oh I can easily see why this might be the one!

Anonymous said...

I like the very first gown and the last gown the best. I like the thick straps on the first one and I LOVE the layers on the last one. And I think any of the dresses listed are going to look really good on you! I can't wait to see you in a dress!


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