Monday, May 24, 2010

Seating Inspiration

Here's a few great images that are making this tired Monday a bit more cheery for me! I really want to have lounge furniture scattered throughout our venue. Through Wedding Chicks right here I found the company found, which specializes in supplying event planners and brides with vintage rentals. There is a ton of great workable pieces on their web site here!

I also discovered another rental service called Party Rental Ltd, which serves the Washington DC area and has lots and lots of great items to fill your venue with style. They have a great inspiration gallery called, "Looks We Love," that will excite the bride in you! Believe me! I'd totally snag this Pear Green and White Stripe look for my wedding and the best part is, they provide you with all these pieces to make it a reality!

I'm going to talk to a planner about bringing in furniture we own to save on money, but the problem with that is the setup and breakdown of course. There's obviously a lot of figure out before my vision of great furniture all over our venue comes to life, but we'll get there!

Luckily for us, a few folks have had their weddings at Oxon Hill before us! Here's an image I found on Event Accomplished Blog of a wedding at our venue that had lounge furniture! This is a picture of the actual foyer of our venue and I must admit, the furniture looks fabulous! It makes the room more inviting and way more upscale and modern. They got this awesome lounge furniture from Da Vinci's Florist!

We really like the all white furniture, but there's no telling what we'll go with. We need to visit one of these rental warehouses and see for ourselves the options. Here's a few images I've collected from around the web that inspire this idea...



AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

Totally diggin' your blog. Keep up the great work! Love the photos and inspiration you share!


Those are fabulous photos. Loving the lounge furniture. Oh and I rented from Party Rental Ltd and they were great.

Hope your Tuesday got off to a better start :)


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