Monday, May 03, 2010

Help Design My Dancefloor

I need your help. I want something fun like this at our wedding:

I love these pictures and I love these lanterns. I like how the lanterns give the room a jolt of color and how they really make this seating area stand out. I'd love to have lanterns or something similiar hanging from the ceiling in our dance room. Something like this would be perfect:

The problem is that we're getting married during the day and I don't think it will be dark outside for much of our wedding. Plus, I'm not sure we can hang anything from the walls or ceiling. It'd be really cool if we could hang drapes like these:  

Do any of you have a design suggestion for this area of our venue?

I want something that sets our dancefloor apart. Something that is going to define that space. Something that is going to bring color and life to the drab room. I like this a lot too. Love this I should say. Probably because of all the green:

The picture below is the room where our dancefloor will be. I took it back in when we found our venue. The DJ (or iPod station) will be set against the back wall of this room. From what we've seen of other weddings at this venue, the dancefloor will be directly in front of the DJ area and adjacent to the fireplace.

*my photo*

See that boring white ceiling: what is something creative I can hang from there?

How would you decorate this space?


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Some places are really strict about hanging things. If your's is not, maybe you can hang really light paper cranes or tissue pomanders on a string . That way, nothing too heavy will hang down. Also you can probably get 4 pillars to designate the dance floor so you won't hang anything from the ceiling. My 2 cents.

Cupcake Wedding said...

I think the room is very elegant and lovely and I wouldnt do anything to it, but I am very lazy and cheap, sooooooooo... maybe you should not listen to me ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I think the room is nice but if you want to spice it up - some grown up streamers, garlands, or some bunting would be great.


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