Friday, December 04, 2009

A Dress to Diet For...

Wedding Dress Dreams... Every Girl Has Em!

It might sound foolish, but I have this little wish. More than having beautiful decorations, good food, or rockin music, I want people to look at me when I step into the garden for our ceremony and think, "Wow! She's a beautiful bride!"

There's been so many times that I didn't feel beautiful in front of Mr. Brooch, whether it was because I was sick, had no make up on, or whatever. We've all had those times we didn't feel our best in front of a man. I think women in serious relationships deal with this a lot, because logistically, there's not enough time (or patience) to put yourself together to perfection, when you live with someone and see them every day (at least not for me). Nevertheless, Mr. Brooch has always told me I am beautiful. He loves me more without makeup and in sweats, than when I'm dolled up in jeans and heels. Of course, this means a lot to me and it's one (of the many) reasons I love him.

Ouuu, Ahhh...

With that said, I want others to see me they way he does, especially on our wedding day. There will be people there that we don't see very often and that we haven't seen in years. My wish is that they'll walk away thinking, "Wow, that's a beautiful couple!" I'm not really worried about what my family will think of Mr. Brooch because I am convinced they will adore him (and plus, he always looks good, haha). But I am more concerned with the impression I give his family and friends. I want them to see something beautiful in me.

Of course, every bride wants this! Every bride wants to look her best and feel amazing on her wedding day, duh! Especially during that moment when all eyes are on her. Therefore, I know I am in good company. I know there are experts out there, wonderful bridesmaids, and other bride-entourage members (like the hair and makeup team) that will work to make this happen.

A One, and Two, And Three, and Four...

I've got to do my part though. I know it sounds cliche and I wish I didn't have to say it, but my number one goal is to lose weight. It's not that I am dissatisfied with body, but I am going to look back on these pictures forever! Not only that, but I want to feel comfortable on my wedding day and beautiful everyday of my honeymoon. For me, it doesn't matter what Mr. Brooch says, it's all about how I feel.

To get to where I want to be physically, I'm going to need constant motivation! This dress, which I've seen a thousand times in dozens of bridal magazines, is a dress to diet for! I envision myself wearing it quite often (envision a skinner me wearing it actually, lol). It's very much my style, because I like sleek, somewhat plain, but with a little sparkle. It's elegant and modern, and definitely unique.


There is absolutely no room for back fat or flabby arms in this gown!

You know what that means... it's time to get to work.

I have no doubt that thoughts of this dress will give me the power to turn down dessert and go an extra 15 minutes on the elliptical! What do you think?

{Photo credit: Gabriel Ryan Photography}

Are you dieting for your wedding?

What's your motivation?


Emily said...

I love this dress!!! It's so beautiful :)


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