Thursday, May 06, 2010

Off to the boonies

I'm headed to the Shenandoah Valley this weekend to spend some quality time with my mom. She lives in a little cabin in the woods and I'm really excited to get away from city life for a little bit. Especially with views like around every corner...

I'm taking my camera, my laptop, and my wedding planner...

I hope to get a lot done, but I also want to relax quite a bit too. Unfortunately, I won't have internet access (ahh, I'm freaking out a little) so I will miss all of your lovely blog posts over the holiday. I'll be back in full swing Monday evening. Probably with pictures like these, which I took last weekend on our trip to Charolettesville, VA at Thomas Jefferson's Montecillo...

Going anywhere special this weekend or sometime soon?

Do you love country places with mountain views and lots of pretty flowers?


Lady Grey said...

lovely photos!
Enjoy the fresh country air and relaxation!
My mother lives in the middle of nowhere as well (with no internet) and it feels good once in a while to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh those flowers! Have fun. I'm attending a baby shower and doing lots of cleaning this weekend!

P.s. If you want to enter to win a birdcage veil, come on by!

Enter to win a custom birdcage veil from One Little Dove!

dognbird said...

Will miss you, enjoy your trip!

Alison said...

Such a beautiful panorama. Love it. You'll be missed. Looking forward to your return.


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