Friday, May 28, 2010

Must Haves: Bright Colors and Pom Poms!

Yay for three day weekends!

Aaron and I are headed to his hometown of Williamsburg, VA, for some fun in the sun at Busch Gardens and Water Country! I'm super excited to spend some quality time with my babe! We've both been busy at work and at home, and haven't had much to hang out! We'll probably spend about 4 hours in traffic tonight (boo), but I think we'll get a chance to talk about a lot of these, including our wedding plans! I'm going to propose a few new ideas, one being our color scheme!

I found this picture about a week ago while I was surfing the web for images of living rooms -- daydreaming about our place -- and I absolutely love it! Of course, the various shades of green caught  my eye and I love the bright pink rug! I'm not sure how Aaron will feel about it since we had discussed a darker color scheme (see here and here), but since our wedding is right at the start of spring and no long in the fall, he might go for it! My fingers are crossed.

Isn't this room great?

I've been really drawn to yellow lately. I'm not sure why, but it's definitely a spring color and would be perfect for my week-after-easter wedding. I thought I wanted my girls to wear green (olive) because it's my favorite color, but I think yellow will stand out more and it will look beautiful on them (anything would really)! I especially like the yellow with grey, which is my men's suit color of choice.

What do you think?

The other idea I want to share with Aaron is to use Martha Stewart Pom Poms to decorate various areas at our wedding! There are a few super bare trees at Oxon Hill in early spring (you can see some photos of this here and below) and I needed a way to liven them up!

My picture

I also wanted something fun to decorate and set our dance floor (see my post about this here), as well as a funky twist to the traditional fauxphotobooth. Here's a few pictures to give you an idea of what I have in mind:

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Have you come up with any new wedding day details? Share!



Oh I love yellow! Loving all of these photos :)

Hope you have a great weekend. Water parks are fun!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

I love pom poms and i've already made tons, all white. Now I just have to figure out where to hang them.

Charlie and Tango on a Sunday said...

That living room is gorgeous! Very inspirational! Good luck convincing your man on that colour scheme :)

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Anonymous said...

SO I absolutely loved the poms this weekend. I feel like it is a really cute decoration to have and it makes the room much more fun in general. So I love the idea of having poms at the wedding as well or at least in one of the rooms. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow! It is like one of my favorite colors and I think all of us would look really cute in yellow. (love the way you said we would look cute in anything by the way!!) I also think yellow has the potential of going with pink AND green so I like it!


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