Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cute Cocktail Dresses for Mah Maids

One thing you'll probably hear me talk about a lot is bridesmaid dresses. Why? Well, like the situation with my dress (we'll get there soon), I have no idea what I want. I'm indecisive and inspired by everything. Not a good combination!

I've talked about liking brand-name dresses and mismatched styles, but there's another type of dress that always seems to catch my attention: cocktail dresses. Short or knee-length styles in bright colors, such as green, yellow, or pink with flirty designs like ruffles or a sweetheart neckline.

When I came across the image below, I fell even more in love with the short-dress style. Aren't they gorgeous? Of course the green struck me (because green is my favorite color), but the dress is adorable. It's young and fun. It's casual and sophisticated. Check out the girl on the far left too. Her dress is a little different. Maybe she's the MOH? Cute, huh?

Just as equally fabulous...

Are these Sarah Sevens gowns I found via The Knotty Bride.



(and custom made I might mention... how perfect)

Where have you been all my life Sarah?

I love these designs. They are just what I have in mind. Soft and feminine. Sexy yet suble. If they don't make it to my wedding, they'll at least make it into my closet! Ha!

One thing is clear, I need to get my inspiration in order! My girls aren't going to know what to pick with all these choices. I might take after Miss Elephant and make a powerpoint!

Do you love various types of bridesmaid dresses?

How did you share your ideas with your bridesmaids?


Faith said...

i LOVE them all! your BMs are lucky and will love you!

Giovanna said...

omg, i wish i had heard about sarah stevens when we were choosing bm dresses! they are gorgeous. i took the easy way out and had them order any jcrew dress they wanted in a spiced wine color.

Truly Engaging said...

TOTALLY ADORABLE! I'll keep my eyes open for you...


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