Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aisle Decorations

While a lot of big decision are still pending, we're making a lot of headway on the small stuff. Things like whether to have a DJ or band, buffet or seated dinner, and how we want our ceremony site to look. We stumbled across a video of a wedding at our venue (Oxon Hill Manor) and we weren't impressed at all with the way the ceremony looked. I can't share the video, because that would be way too rude, but just to give you an idea...

They had a aisle runner and it was plain white. Everyone from the flower girl to bride (its seemed) triped walking down it. Not only that, there were no rose petals, no extra flowers, candles, pedestals or anything to make the space shine! Granted, the gardens at Oxon Hill Manor are gorgeous all on their own, but a little something can go a long way. Also, the aisle was hardly centered. The runner kept moving each time someone walked down it. Ahhh!!

Watching this video brought up a lot of good points for my man and I to discuss. Do we want a aisle runner? Definitely not! What we do want is loads and loads of rose petals. We want ... well, it's easier to show you than tell you. I found this picture on the internet during our conversation and we agreed, it's perfect!

We love the mass of rose petals and the stakes in the ground that clearly define the aisle. However, you will not see an archway at my wedding!! No offense to brides who will be having one, I just have a serious aversions to both runners and archways! I don't know what it is, because everyone (from my best friend to mom) seem to think they are just perfect for weddings, but I'm not going for it! Sorry guys!

I want a gigantic cross at the end of the aisle. Yes, a cross! I know it's not easy to envision (and it's sure as heck not easy to find a picture of one online), but I want us to stand in front of a cross to represent our faith in Christianity. Ever seen the movie Fireproof? There's a big cross in the wedding in that movie..

I swear...


Apparently, they had an arch too, but check out the cross in the back, which is where they stand when they say they're vows. Just like what I want! Sweet, huh? There's another picture of this type of thing here in one of my previous posts.

Anyway, besides the whole aisle thing, I should mention that Fireproof is a really good movie. Any engaged couples out there taking the Love Dare? More on that later...

Brides, do you love or hate arches? Are there other popular wedding pieces you despise?


Michelle said...

I love the runway of rose petals! So classy and romantic.


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