Thursday, December 10, 2009

Double the Fun: Twin Bridesmaids

Twice as much to love, two blessings from above!

Friends Forever:

I'm so excited to finally introduce my best friends since High School, Ghadah and Ghadeer! Anyone who knows me or knows them, knows that we're close friends. We met 10 years ago in High School. We were inseperable then and our friendship is indispensable now.

We graduated in the same class and spent the weekend celebrating by going to Kings Dominion for the day, a 50 cent concert, and an all-night Arabic Festival in DC. When we packed up to leave for college, the twins' parents followed behind the car I rode in with my family.  On both cars, we hung signs that read, "College Bound!"

We were lucky in that we attended colleges that weren't far from each other. We didn't spend as much time together in college as we did in High School, but we stayed close. The twins' were at my graduation and I was at theirs. Since then, we've had very seperate and busy lives, but I still hold their friendship close to my heart.

Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together:

I've always looked up to the twins. In part because they practically saved me from a depressing and lonely sophomore year of High School. Also, they supported me through a lot of tough times. I wasn't the best student in High School and I didn't have the best home life either. I was very rebellious because I was living with my stepmother and I found the twins' house, their family, and their friendship a safe haven.

They've always been a good influence too. They have very high moral standards, but they are also very down to earth. They are extremely generous and giving. They have huge hearts and are very loyal. They come from an amazing family. Their mom was like a surrogate to me through High School. I remember how she used to make us egg sandwiches every morning before school... Ahh, those were the days!

Another reason why I love these girls is because when we get together, we don't have to be doing anything spectacular to have a good time. We don't need alcohol or need to be around others--we can have a good time just talking. Sometimes I laugh when I think of how much hasn't changed since those days when we were always together. We still spend hours on the phone, we still have sleepovers, we still play each other new songs (we like the same music), we still crack up over silly stuff, still shop together, still gossip, and still agonize over boys.

Move over Kardashians:

The twins are also fashionistas! They are truly in tune with the latest trends and always have been. They have a passion for designer bags and shoes. I should say, they have a collection of designer bags and shoes or they have an addiction to designer bags and shoes. If you saw their closet you'd understand. Some women aspire to drive nice cars or have high-powered jobs. The twins, however, aspire to wearing Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahniks!

We used to coordinate our outfits for school weeks in advance. Nowadays, I can't help but laugh when I look back on all the crazy stuff we thought was cute. I'll never forget the first day of 10th grade when we all wore the same pants! How corny is that? We all wore the same jeans! Our outfits were noticably similiar and to make matters worse, they were bubblegum jeans, covered in glitter! I'm not kidding!

I have to admit that the twins were definitely more fashionable than me and still are. I was an amateur and usually got by mimicking their real fashion sense. I hardly had the budgeting skills to shop like them either, but they never made me feel left out. They always made me feel just as beautiful and fashionable as them. That's one of their best qualities, I think. They are genuinely nice, caring, and accepting people.

Same Look, Different Personality:

This entire post I've referred to the the twins as one and they are hardly the same person. They are very unique and it's important for me to not neglect their distinctive qualities.

Ghadeer is a sociology graduate and is pursuing a career in early childhood education. She loves kids and they love her back. She'd make a great counselor... Heck, she's been my counselor for the last 10 years! Her favorite color is pink and she loves candy.

Ghadeer is going to bring a unique element to the bridal party. She's the friend that I have known the longest. She's an honest friend and a loyal friend. As we like to say, "We go back. We go way back." We've been by each other's side through it all. Here are a few hints as to some of the memories we share: sneaking out of the house, sneaking boys into the house, taking a cabs, throwing baseball caps, SVA, and Hallmark...

Ghadah studied criminal justice during her undergrad. You might not know it by looking at her, but she wants to be probation officer. She's passionate about helping people and has a strong interest in making the world a better place! I have no doubt that she'll make a positive impact on our current criminal justice system.

Ghadah's favorite color is blue and she loves to laugh. She is a drama-free friend. She's positive and bubbly. She's someone you can count on to make you laugh. She is full of wisdom and support. She is sensitive and funny.

They said yes:

These two are going to be an imporant part of my wedding. I'm so happy to have their blessing and involvement. Keep an eye out for more to come about them, because this is only the beginning. So. Without further ado--presenting the last (but definitely not least) of my bridal party, the twins:



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