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Picking a Wedding Date

Picking a Date:

Mr. Brooch and I only planned to have a one-year engagement. He proposed in October of 2009, and thought we'd get married the following October. The problem was that right away, we were faced with a laundry list of tasks to execute to make our dream wedding come to life, and that meant we had a lot of decisions to make and a lot of money to spend.

We also had a lot of people to please. Our parents in particular, because we are their first children in our families to get married. Well, my parents in particlar. My dad and my stepmom in particular were both very – how shall I say – hesitant to sign up for a year engagement. They kept asking, “What’s the rush?”

It was really important to me to have my parents onboard full out. I didn’t want there to be any hesitation from anyone on my wedding day. It was a really tough thing though because Mr. Brooch and I wanted to be the ones to chose our wedding day (duh!) and do what's best for us (he’s not a people pleaser like me), but in the end, I think it was more important for us to submit to our parents and give it a few more months.

I’m not going lie and say I’ve never felt sad thinking about how far off our wedding day was (like last spring, for instance it was a total downer having been engaged 6 months and know there’s another 12 months to go), but it’s par for the course. I think it's a testiment to the nature of the beast of weddings, isn't it? We have to take into account other people and especially our families-whether that be by honoring traditions or submitting to their suggestions and wishes.

Would have been easy for me to get upset that I wasn't getting my way? Definitely. But there's a silver lining. A few as a matter of fact and today, we're really actually glad we went with their advice because we've had more more time to save and plan.

I also have no doubt that when our wedding day finally does roll around, we’re going to have that feeling like, “Wow! It’s finally here!” That's going to be a wonderful thing!

It’s also kind of cool that our engagement was in the fall and our wedding will be in the spring! Every year when it starts to get cooler, we’ll be thinking back on the day Mr. Brooch proposed, and when it starts to get warmer, we’ll be thinking back on our wedding! Yay for celebrations of our relationship all year long!

Did I mention how much I love spring/garden details?

Check out some of this awesome spring inspiration:

Here's are some cool bits of advice from The Knot has on "Engagement To-Dos: Picking the Perfect Date"

-considering marrying on the day your grandparents did (go with sentimental if you can)

-consider your wedding personality (for flip-flops pick summer and for cider pick fall)

Here's what Elizabeth Anne Designs Wedvice says on "Day by Day Picking your Date"

-be flexible and don't pick a date unless you have to

-give yourself a big window, such as 2 to 3 months

-consider the discounts that apply to weekday or Sunday weddings

OH, I love this bit of advice

-Remember the one cardinal rule of wedding planning: you will never please everyone.

Project Wedding says "Don't get married on these days"

-9/11 and April Fool's Day

-During big sporting events ... hmm! Hadn't thought of that!

How did you pick your wedding date?

How long is your engagement?


NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Don't you worry girl, your wedding is going to be beautiful and so worth the waiting.
By the time we get married (Oct 2011), it is going to be 4 years of, that is long :-).

Dancy said...

We had a relatively long engagement too - 19months. It does seem long, but to be honest - it's been a HUGE help. It gave us more time to plan & save. And since we weren't in a rush to book anyone, we had time to consider vendors, there was no pressure. I will admit, it does build it up little more though - I'm prob more nervous now than I would've been 6months ago.

shopgirl said...

I like the eclectic assortment of vases - very original!

Weddings are always stressful, but when the lovely day comes it's all worth it!

Enjoy the process! I got married last year and it was the perfect day - EVER!


sado said...

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D. Marie said...

OK why am I so behind that you're a BEE now!!! OMG!!! Congrats! I havent been on WeddingBee too much and we were on vacation last week...but how did I miss that!? Now I am following you on the Bee too! ♥

Nicole-Lynn said...

I just saw in another comment you were a BEE? Yey! Which one?

We have a long engagement as well, 16 months. We got engaged last October 09, and will be getting married April '11. I definitely know what you mean about getting down sometimes when the time you thought you would be married passes... but at the same time it's so wonderful to have plenty of time to do DIY projects and save money. I am loving being engaged and really enjoying it so much. I couldn't imagine rushing through it and not being able to process this special time. :)

Enjoy the rest of your engagement and know you're definitely not alone on having a long engaegment! :)

Frugalista said...

Ours was way longer then I wanted it! We actually ended up with 6 months to plan and execute though. We got engaged then he left for almost a year so when he came back is when all the planning started. We wanted it ASAP so by July of this year was our goal and that's what we did.


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