Sunday, January 03, 2010

Save the Date Ideas

This goes out to Amber:

I'm writing this post for Amber aka "His Sis," because just like a good bridesmaid, she's been keeping me on my toes with questions like, "Have you thought about what kind of Save the Dates you're going to have?"  I've thought about my Save the Dates, but I'm no where near making a decision on the type we're going to have. Therefore, I compiled this list of typical (and not-so typical) examples to get feedback and hopefully move closer to making a decision.

Luckily, we have at least 6 months before these have to go out. However, it's important to keep in mind prep time because I hope to do something crafty. I don't want anything overly crafty, but I'd like to add a unique element to the traditional Save the Dates, which as you can see from this list, usually incorporate an engagement picture. 

A really good example of my traditional meets crafty idea is this Save the Date, created by the Wedding Bee Ms. Ducky, author of My Wedding Report:


This idea originated with Martha Stewart Weddings, but as you can see Ms. Ducky added a little of her own flair and uniqueness, which is exactly what I'd like to do!

Take a look at these other Save the Dates and please, please, please, leave me a comment stating whether you like any of them. Is there one in particular you really like? Do you like the "idea," behind one of these? I'm looking forward to finally getting some feedback!




Far from Traditional:

{Photo credit: Jess Perna}


Totally Handmade:

{Photo credit: Whitebox Weddings}


Aaron said...

I like the first one the best actually.

amber.ellis said...

So I agree with the bro...the first one is really cute. I also like the one where they are actually kissing and holding a picture of each of them seperately kissing...that one is SUPER cute!! I like where they are actually saving the date...dont like the one where they wrote on their faces.

amber.ellis said...

the baby picture idea is also cute...but my favorite (now that I have thoroughly looked) is the one of them kissing holding a pic of them kissing. NOT the one of them holding the date.

Dee said...

Do you know where you can order the card with helicopter where the date is being "saved"? I would like to order it but can't find a website. I stumbled on your posting while looking and was hoping you might know. The Fly Paper Studio website doesn't appear to be it.

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