Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cake or Cupcakes

I have a little confession to make.

I am somewhat obsessed with cupcakes. I love baking cupcakes and yes, I love eating them too. I like sweets (see here), so it's natural for me to like cupcakes. Who doesn't like a mouthful of cake and icing? They're bite-size bits of joy, if you ask me!

Not everyone is crazy about cupcakes though. Mr. B for instance, likes cake better. I don't understand it, honestly, but that's his preference and that's fine. Well, sort of. We're having a bit of a debate about whether cupcakes or cake should be the main dessert at our wedding. I understand cupcakes are a trend and don't quite meet the traditional expectation of wedding guests, but I like them -- I love them actually, and therefore I think we should have them. (See the About Me on the right of this page. It's true. I want to say and do it all).

My main arguement - cupcakes are really cute. They're adorable, hip, and fun. Don't you think?

{Photo credit: Martha Stewart}

{Photo credit: Love Bites Cookies}

{Photo credit: The Knot}

 {Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess}

So like anything else in a marriage (and wedding), we're going to have to compromise. My suggestion is to throw cupcakes on our dessert bar, but I realize we can't have it all. So I proposed the best of both worlds.

Put the cake in cupcakes, ay and have a lovely dessert duo. Classy, yet cost effective. Simple, yet stunning.

Mr. B isn't quite onboard yet. He's such a traditionalist, let me tell ya! I haven't really had the opportunity to make my case though because we haven't really researching the topic or even talked a lot about it.

I'll keep you posted on what we decide!

Did you serve cupcakes at your wedding?


amber.ellis said...

I honestly love the cupcake idea. And the thing that I have seen a bunch of is having the cupcakes make a picture on them. So you could have like 100 cupcakes or something and then have some artist do one of your pictures as the whole design you would see. I am going to see if I can find what I am talking abuot but not long ago my job had this thing that came in that looked like a cake with the word "lonza" on the top of it but it was acutlaly individual cupcakes of different colors that made up the final design. So it would help you up some engagement pictures to use and still look like a cake...but be cute little cup cakes!!

Heather Lynne Vickery said...

Cupcakes are so much fun!! We have been doing them for a lot of our clients lately. One of my favorite new products are these amazing cupcake stands from Raise The Cake (www.raisethecake.com) a beautiful way to really add some bling to your cupcakes!


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