Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deciding on a Date

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... Help me Pick a Date Y'all!

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Do I want to get married in the Winter? No, not really. I'd like to get some pictures outside and not have to freeze!

Do I want to get married in the Spring? Yeah, kind of. I like the lush green trees and tulips in the Spring. However, if I want a Spring wedding, it's going to have to be Spring 2011, because I refuse to plan a wedding in less than six months!

Do I want to get married in the Summer? Eh... I like summer, but we've all been to one of those outdoor weddings where everyone's sweating and suffering! Plus, I can only imagine what the summer heat will do to a girl in a wedding dress! Yikes!

Do I want to get married in the Fall? Well, I like the fall. I like cool breezes and I like the fall foliage, but I don't like all the rain we've had this fall! I can handle a sprinkle, but it's been pouring for days at a time lately!

Aaron and I have talked about a couple of wedding dates. Especially since my mother assured me "this is the first order of business!" I would have avoided picking a date, because once the date is set, there's no changing it! It's kind of a big deal, right?

Well, we've come up with the following possibilities:

September 25, 2010

October 23, 2010

December 31, 2010 (call me crazy!)

May 15, 2011

Our favorite date is May 15, 2011. We really like MAY 15TH! It's the only date listed that has a sentimential value. Also, I think we are partial to the fall. It's just soooo far away!!! It's still an option though.

We've sort of ruled out December 31st, for the obvious reasons. Aaron's family is really busy during the month of December (who isn't, right?). Also, one of my bridesmaids made the very excellent observation "Everyone will be broke!"

September 25th is just a random date. Same goes for October 23rd. We like these days because they are in the fall (and as I stated, we like the fall), but that's it. I'm not sure I'm okay with just picking a random day to get married though.

To make this decision, I've decided

1. I need to take my time (even if it is the first order of business)

2. I need to solicit help!

I've talked to Aaron's mom about the dates and she thinks they are all great (she's just wonderful, let me tell ya)!

I've told a few friends about our ideas and all of them agree, any date will do. A few of my coworkers suggested we go with the sentimental date (May 15th) and my parents are saying give yourself as much time as possible!

Thoughts on this anyone?

Here's what The Knot has to say--"Engagement To-Dos: Picking the Perfect Date"

-considering marrying on the day your grandparents did (go with sentimental if you can)
-consider your wedding personality (for flipflops pick summer and for cider pick fall)

Here's what Elizabeth Anne Designs' Wedvice says-- "Day by Day Picking your Date"

-be flexible and don't pick a date unless you have to (whew)!
-give yourself a big window, such as 2 to 3 months
-consider the discounts that apply to weekday or Sunday weddings
-OH, I love this bit of advice--"Remember the one cardinal rule of wedding planning: you will never please everyone."

Project Wedding says--"Don't get married on these days"

-9/11 and April Fool's Day (duh)!
-During big sporting events ... hmm! Hadn't thought of that!

Well, enough talking wedding dates for now! I get totally bent out of shape on this! I just don't know when I want to do it!! I'm going to give all of this more thought and try to remember that there's no rush! Right?

Trying to stay optimistic!




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