Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our First Christmas

Will be next year...

Unfortunately, Aaron and I will not be together this Christmas, but I am comforted by thoughts of all of our joint Christmases to come. I'm really, really, really looking forward to having our own apartment (right now we are living between his house in Williamsburg and my grandmother's house in Arlington), so that Christmas can be on our terms.

Of course, I am also anxious to decorate! Probably because my mother and grandmother were over-the-top decorators and somehow, I got that gene! I've inherited a lot of decorations from them too and I cannot wait to put them all up for our first Christmas together next year!

I've heard that it's difficult for married couples to split their time during the holiday between their families, but Aaron and I are ready for the challenge. We've discussed spending Christmas Eve with his family and spending Christmas Day visiting my Mom and Dad.  It will probably be a little hectic at first, but at least we'll be together.


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{Photo credit: Southern Living}

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