Monday, December 21, 2009

The Junior Bridal Party

Little People, Big World...

I'm really excited to show off my junior bridal party. Although we all would like to think we have the cutest kids, nephews, and sisters--I'm pretty convinced, my two little sisters and two little nephews are indeed the cutest children EVER! Obviously I'm bias, but take a look for yourself and tell me these aren't the cutest kids you've ever seen.

Four Unexpected Treasures:

I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason and these little angels are proof of that. When my parents divorced, which was nearly 15 years ago, I never imagined any blessings would result from such a difficult experience, but boy was I wrong. I got (at least) two blessings out of it, named Brooke and Alison through my father's remarriage.

When my brother met his wife, nobody in the family was sure that she was right for him. When they got pregnant, we were even less sure. Fast forward six years and anyone in the family will tell you, these two men, Royce and Noah are the creme of the crop.

Meet Brooke:

Brooke is my litter sister. We are really close, probably because I've been around her since before she was born and we have a special bond. Even though we're nearly 14 years a part in age, we're as close as sisters can be. We're not "half sisters," or "step sisters," not in my book anyway. We're just sisters and if you asked her, she would say the same thing.

Brooke is really talented and very energic. She plays soccer and has a very spunky, outgoing, and likeable personality. She's growing up very fast, I have to admit and I wouldn't be joking if I said, she's 9 years old, going on 21. She loves fashion and of course, she loves Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. She's a whiz on the computer and she never ceases to amaze me.

When I told Brooke that I was engaged, she reacted in a way that was well beyond her years. I was painting her toe nails (I told you we were close) and instead of blurting out the news, I made a few gestures with my hand to show off the ring. You should have seen her face when she realized what I was doing.

"Oh my gosh... wait... who? Aaron?" I started laughing, "Yes Brooke, Aaron." Then, just like a grown up, she asked, "When did it he ask you?" I told her he asked me after he asked for Daddy's permission to ask me. Then, just like a preteen, she said, "Can I help you pick out your dress?" Those words were so exciting to me!

"Of course you can," I told her. "You are a Junior Bridesmaid. You have a very special part in this wedding." To my surprise she asked, "Does that mean I have to wear an ugly dress?" A shockingly mature question for a 9-year old to ask, I thought. Of course the conversation didn't end there. Obviously there was a lot to explain to her, but like a good little sister, she was attentive and she was excited.

Meet Alison:

Alison is my littest sister. Unlike Brooke, she is very quite and meek. This is probably because during her pregnancy, Alison's mom feverently prayed for a shy daugheter. A daughter less rambunctious and less exhausting than the first born, Brooke. Alison fit the mold and has been such a blessing to our family. Just like her mother prayed for, she's quite different than Brooke, but a perfect match at the same time. The two get along very well, despite the usual sister bickers over toys and play time.

Alison also knows me as her sister, although more through mimicking Brooke and trhough our many family gatherings. I haven't lived with Alsion, but that hasn't diminsshed our bond. She knows me well, from many nights babysitting, which included activities like building a tent of made of blankets and pillows, watching Spongebob (over and over again), and of course, dress up.

Alison loves to dress up. She's really into fashion (like Brooke) and loves (like most little girls) putting on the high heels, purses, and grown-up clothes. Alison likes Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift, but more than life itself, she loves High School Musical. If you've never seen the series, I highly recommend checking them out. It's the new age version of Grease, which happened to be the movie I loved more than life itself when I was Alsion's age. This little one is truly special. She's loving and kind, very easy going, and lovable. She's funny and friendly, and I can hardly contain my excitment about having her as a flowergirl...


Meet Noah:

Noah is the youngest son of my brother, Ryan. He is very rambuncious and tempermental, but has a heart of gold. He loves getting his picture taken, playing with his brother, Royce, and being outdoors. He is adorable and the most lovable little boy you will ever meet. I have no idea how Noah will handle being ring bearer, but we will probably inlist his brother for help. They are really close and Noah follows after everything his brother does. Of course, Royce is older and a lot stronger and faster, but that doesn't stop Noah from trying to keep up.

I see a lot of my brother in Noah. I will have to post a picture of Ryan as a toddler, so that you can see for yourself the resembelance. It's plain as day. Noah makes a lot of the same facial expressions as my brother. He has a lot of his mannerisms and there's no doubt the apple didn't fall far from the tree with him. My brother was very tempermental like Noah also. He used to run off and have a hissy fit, just like Noah does now. I assume he'll grow out of it. Most of us do. I envision him becoming a ladies man, who is shy, but strong. He'll most definitely play sports, because he already does. He's really outgoing and I have a feeling he's going to be a star. Not just at my wedding, but in life too!



Meet Royce:

Royce is my brother's first son. He is a really good kid. He's passionate about his family and school. He loves working with his hands and helping others. He takes after my brother in that way. He loves to build things and do creative crafts, such as painting. He is definitely a leader, not a follower.

Royce is a one-of-a-kind. He's a good listener and a very attentive kid. He talks with his hands. He is very expressive and he is really grown up for his age. I remember when he was younger, around Noah's age, and he was really bad. He's definitely surprised us all over the years, maturing and growing into quite the little man. He's a curious kid, meaning he'll go out into the woods to explore just about anything, but he's also very cautious. He looks out for his younger brother and somehow, I think he knows it's going to be his job to guide Noah (in a way) through life. The only reason I know Noah will make it to the end of the aisle and not loose teh wedding rings, is because Royce will be by his side.




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