Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cake Savings

Amazing Wedding Cakes & One Cake Boss:

Aaron and I were never satisfied with the idea of just having a cake for dessert at our wedding. As you may know (from previous posts such as The Ice Cream Doughnut and Sweet Dreams), we want our guests to have plenty of sweets to chose from. However, food is expensive and we cannot expect to spend all of our wedding budget on ice cream, doughnuts, and candy--although we considered it!

It's a recession, right? Well, like most other Americans, we're looking for ways to cut costs. Personally, I think the first step to cutting your cost is to network. Talk to people about your wedding and find out how others can help out. If you have a friend who is good with music, ask them to DJ or if you have a close relative passionate about stationary, you could ask them to make the invitations. Working with your family and friends will make the wedding a collaborative effort and save you a ton of money!

Through excessive talking about my wedding and wedding-day wants at work, I discovered that one of my coworkers has a very creative mom! She makes beautiful cakes!! Baking is not her full-time job, but she has a real passion for decorative cake designing. Luckily for me, her mom decided to bake a cake for our office this holiday. Here is a picture of a cake she made for us. We were all impressed, to say the least. Not only did it look beautiful (and perfectly fitting for the time of year), it also tasted delicious--homemade chocolate and vanilla with real raspberries in between. Mmm.

{Photos by me}

Here are a few random pictures of crazy groom's cakes I found cruising the internet. I am not sure whether we will use my friend's mom for the wedding cake (although I don't really see a reason why we wouldn't), but I am definitely going to count on her to make a surprise groom's cake for Aaron (shhh)! I really hope he's not reading this! Even if he does, he has no idea what his cake will look like!

{Photo credit: Bride Tide Blogspot}

{Photo credit: Hot Breads and Cakes}

{Photo credit: Grooms Advice dot com}

{Photo Credit:  Bakers Man, Inc. via Atlanta Bride Blog}

{Photo credit: Cakes by Sam}

{Photo credit: IGN dot com}

{Photo credit: Whats Cakin dot com}

{Photos found via Mental Floss Blog}



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