Friday, October 23, 2009

A Variety of Venues

We know who and what, but not where...

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the wide variety of reception venues there are to choose from. I simply cannot decide what kind of reception that I want.

Let's talk a little about these weekend wedding venues out there, for instance. Who doesn't want a weekend wedding? Also, you can hardly beat the convenience of having the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception all in the same spot! Did I mention bed and breakfast for everyone in the bridal party?
Option #1: Brair Patch Bed & Breakfast in Middleburg, VA
Go here to see Weddings at Briar Patch by Bella Pictures

Even though Briar Patch is in Middleburg, which we have no connection to whatsoever, considering the cost, it's pretty sweet deal. For the same price as 4 or 5 hours at a Northern Virginia hotel, Briar Patch offers bed and breakfast for up to 18 members of the bridal party. It's a sweet deal!! I also like the quaintness of Briar Patch. There's a large stone fireplace in the reception hall and I have to admit, the rooms we'd sleep in are super adorable. The grounds look very well kept too. The problem is it's Middleburg. I don't even know where Middleburg is!
Option#2: Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort in Richmond, VA


Mankin Mansion is the more upscale version of Briar Patch. I really like this place and I've read a lot of excellent reviews about it. Mankin Mansion is a "wedding resort," and just like Briar Patch, everything takes place there. I like Richmond--even though it's further from where we live right now than Middleburg--because it's where Aaron and I met. It is also the halfway point between where our families live (Aaron's family lives in Williamsburg, VA).

At Mankin Mansion, not only is the landscape immaculate, I read the service is spectacular. They are like the David Tuteras of My Fair Wedding--the experts! The problem is that there are no prices listed on the website or anywhere else I've looked. I have a feeling that the price will be more than we can afford.
Option#3: Stone Mansion in Alexandria, VA

Option#4: River Farm in Alexandra, VA

Option#5: Hendry House in Arlington, VA

Option#6: The Hay Adams in Washington, DC

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Option#7: Top of the town in Arlington, VA

Option#8: Ceresville Mansion in Fredrick, MD

*Note: I haven't mentioned any Williamsburg, VA, venues even though there are a lot of lovely ones.

Here's why I'm not even going to consider Williamsburg:

1. It would be too difficult to meet with vendors 3 hours away.
2. We are going to have a post-wedding reception in Williamsburg.
3. I don't need anymore choices!

Also, I stumbled across this very helpful blog, Soiree Special Events that has a few other DC-area venues to consider. Not like I need any more choices (seven is way too many), but a local blog can be very helpful. I'm going to check it out and report back on any good findings!

Stay Optimistic!





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